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Light problems with seat

Nov 6, 2019
hi guys

My lights are not working, appears im having an issue with them although ive replaced some of the bulbs it says are not working.
any thoughts on what it is? mine appears to be glitching at times when I start my car all is well and lights be working fine, and at times when I start it I have random messages come up on the dash to check the following lights as they are not working:

front right main beam
number plate lighting
front left side light
rear right side light

I have replaced some of the bulbs it has mentioned that dont appear to be working and i have checked the fuses at the front in the engine, they seem to be ok.

my car is a seat leon copa the year is 2011, If this is a similar issue or anyone can share there knowlege I would really appreciate it as i am not to clued up about cars


Marky N

Active Member
Jul 15, 2014
I had a similar problem. It was diagnosed with a dodgy body control unit. Expensive. I took it toKinghams in Croydon for a second opinion and it turned out to be just one fuse. Green one if remember correctly from the video they showed me.

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