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Lucifer's ultimate guide: 1.4tsi fundamental problems


I only wanted a remap
Staff member
Jul 7, 2015
Whether or not they had to go near them for the waterpump, shouldn't this have been picked up by the diagnostics,otherwise what the point of diagnostics.
Usually they plug it in and see if there's any codes.
Feb 7, 2020
Exactly my point, how can a spark plug just fail like that without no sign. I don’t believe that
Jun 28, 2020
Would you guys advise me getting a rebuild or a new engine ? Had the same issue with timing chain, did a oil change and the timing chain went.

I'm torn between a new engine cthe or just doing a rebut


Active Member
Mar 31, 2020
Greater Manchester
Just some info for any new 180 twincharged owner's reading this thread and seeing the old posts around spark plugs..
I have a late 2011 CAVE engine which has the factory upgrades from the earlier cave's whih suffered the misfires and oil consumption, I read many threads early on in my ownership (2018) and switched to the NGK7 plugs everyone suffering misfires were recommending naturally as you want pre empt any problems plus following advice of orum goer's about gapping to 0.65 or 0.7
HOWEVER upon upon a stage 1 tune I found that these plugs actually held my peak power back and would not produce a decent quality spark for an efficient burn even after regapping to 0.8 (factory gap at the time the car was new, I believe seat revised years later to 0.7 in an attempt to cure misfires)

Unfortunately there wasn't and isn't many twincharged owner's left on here, I had a route around the Briskoda as there's still a few Fabia VRS owners knocking about with answers or more upto date info on upgrades, It's on there I found an revised alterntive to the NGK plug which is the Denso SKJ20CRA8.

I switched to the Denso's with a gap of 0.8 and re-dyno'd the car, Timing was much better, power graph was smooth unlike the jagged run of the NGK's and it made better number's.

Moral of my post is that those who suffer misfire's/oil consumption will do best to follow the OP's advise in the thread, Those that DO NOT have these problem's with a CAVE 1.4TSI TWINCHARGED may want to think twice before making these upgrades.....

If It Aint Broke.....Don't Fix It
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