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Mib2 Standard - Lost cards, lost contents, updates & map upgrades


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Post 2075 on the navigation thread covers the instances where either a standard map mib2 SD card:
  • is lost
  • contents are deleted by accident
  • you need to update
  • when you want to change cards from 16gb to 32gb (for when the all Europe map pops 16gb, hasn't happened yet) or have a spare card

Up till now we haven't known what to say to people that bought a second hand car with a missing card thinking it was a dealer thing, so told them to find a dealer. No you can do self help. Ditto on the rest. We knew for the last three years that you could do self help on a map update, could get back a deleted card but thought the rest was dealer based, no. Lost / card replacement you can do yourself.

All there. Other boards lag behind :).
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