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MK3 Leon Cupra, what we know


Now AMG Powered
Dec 10, 2008
Barnsley or Burton
Golf GTI has them too, they are just plastic strips held on with double sided tape! Not worth £300, maybe £30 and diy fit :)
Thats high quality double sided tape i'll have you know, and if you're lucky they both might be stuck down in the same place! Quality control on them is a little poor tbh and im sure like you say there will be a £30 aftermarket option soon too.


Active Member
Feb 20, 2015
North Yorkshire
Yes I've only ever seen one mkIII Cupra, a great looking 5 door in I think, Dynamic Grey which lives in York - are you on the Forum by any chance - be great to compare notes when my ST Cupra arrives, hopefully later this month?
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