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MK3 Leon - dissapointing!


Active Member
Feb 19, 2017
Hello All,

I bought a 63 plate Leon 2.0tdi FR 150 with 20k on the clock last October and not impressed so far....

Firstly, I have a very annoying rattle coming from the Perspex that sits in front of the instrument panel, it only seems to rattle at low speeds but is starting to become very annoying!

Secondly, I seem to have developed a very squeaky drivers side seat! When going round corners, speed bumps, bumps in the road etc, it makes a very annoying squeak.

Thirdly, the drivers side trim which runs from the bottom of the gear stick down to the foot well seems to have vibrated loose.

It's a real shame, because I owned an 05 plate Leon FR 150 and it was a fantastic car and the build quality was miles better than my current MK3 Leon!

I would be grateful to know if anyone has had the above issues.

Cheers :)


Active Member
Jun 5, 2015
Dash rattle is common and easily fixed, as would be the trim on the transmission tunnel (just one screw and some clips). The seat might be a bit more of a challenge


Back from the dead...
Sep 27, 2006
Seat forgot how to build cars between 2013-2014. The first year of the 5F Leon is terribly made and all the things you mentioned aren't uncommon (I could add a few to the list myself). From '14 onwards, it all gets much, much better.

I've had a few days where the rattling, buzzing and random vibrations that come and go have made me seriously consider chopping it back in for something else. But... once you start fixing things, it gets so much better and all feels worth it again. Just a shame you have to do it in the first place.


Active Member
Jul 18, 2013
Instrument cluster rattle has a TPI (seat service bulletin) for how to fix it, basically it's a case of tightening a couple of screws and fixing some pads on I think.

Could be done DIY if you can figure out how to expose the Perspex fixing points. I made a temp repair on mine by stuffing small bits of felt around the edges.
My seat squeaks as well, but seems worse in cold weather so not sure how to fix that one, other than turning up the radio :)


Active Member
a lot of squeaks here and there... every pothole something squeaks... door panels, center console trim... if you push them wiht hand you can heear the squeaks. Not possible to be fixed...

Deleted member 103408

Very happy with mine. 2014 plate no rattles or issues best car i have had for a very long time.


Active Member
Jun 20, 2013
My October 2014 FR had the instrument cluster rattle, and was fixed. However, it needs to go back in soon as both rear lights have cracked, the rear boot struts need replacing, and the front suspension shocks have had enough and are leaking.

It is all being done under warranty thankfully. Car has done 47k miles.


Active Member
Jul 27, 2016
Kent / Barking
2013 FR
Rattle from passenger door
Squeaky suspension
Rattle from instrument cluster
SAT nav screen changed already
Full LED Misalignment
Back LED lights cracked
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Active Member
Sep 1, 2015
Build quality is shocking on the Leon. Cant wait to trade mine in later in the year, wont be buying Seat again.

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Full Member
Jan 19, 2006
Helsinki, Finland
2014 Leon here...front doors had the rattle when listening music louder, did fix it my self.
Other than that, no problems so far, some random rattles from A-pillars some time when driving on bad road.
So far the car feels ok...but i have to say i did like my old 1P more.
I dont give any value to these 5F gimmicks...Drive Profile, sound actuators...useless ****.


Active Member
Nov 26, 2017
Dash rattle is common and easily fixed, as would be the trim on the transmission tunnel (just one screw and some clips). The seat might be a bit more of a challenge

How is this fixed ?

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Active Member
Apr 2, 2014
I've done 230,000 km so far in my Leon from 2013 (143,000 miles).

Had the door rattle, had that fixed, back in 2013/2014.

Only other issues I had was a minor suspension thing that was fixed under warranty as well, and a handbrake failure (the spring button broke meaning it didn't lock any more). Both fixed under warranty in 2014.

Since then, no issues at all. Instrument cluster rattle? Never even knew that was a problem.

I doubt any other car would get me through 230,000 km in 4 years without any issues. Just routine maintenance (only once every 30,000 km, while my sister's Volvo V60 which is exactly as old as my Leon needs servicing every 20,000 km!). It usually wants some more oil about 8000 km before the next service, not an issue.


Dec 15, 2016
London, UK
I swapped from Leon Mk3 to Ibiza now...Leon rattles, Ibiza, so far doesn't! only sometimes when front seat passenger leave and draps the seatbelt on the level to drop the front seats. If hanging lose, no sounds!

Deleted member 103408

2014 Leon with 20,000 on the clock. No issues so far, only annoying thing is the noise the engine makes while cold.

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plus one. great car and handles back lanes very well. mapping just takes it up a notch.

my one is a keeper

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