My car pulls to the left after alignment.

Aug 10, 2019
So I have a car for a couple of years and it has been dead straight. My left tie rod end was squeaking for while so I decided to replace it. I had the part replaced, wheels aligned.. Went on a road trip, a bit bumpy albeit, came back with the car pulling to the left. I have to keep the steering wheel slightly turned to the right to go straight. Went to the mechanics again, they checking OBD if the car reported any errors, realigned the wheels and sent me on my way with the suggestion to swap tires if it persists. I'm a low mileage driver = maybe 7k in a year = I couldn't have worn out the tires that much so they would become uneven. Not sure what to do and how to go about it. The ride itself is not bumpy or noisy so I'm not sure what to make of it.
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Feb 26, 2020
Sounds like your tie rod hasn't been put back to the same position as it was before, that seems to be the only thing that hasn't been checked. From what I'm seeing it was fine before hand, tie rod change now its not... Take it back to whoever put that on and get them to sort it as that seems to be only reason for the change.
Also tie rod ends are usually replaced as a pair instead of singular.
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