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New F1 engines

Sep 10, 2011
Is it me or do they sound crap and too quiet?? You can barely hear them over the commentary

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Oct 15, 2013
Midhurst, West Sussex
They're not designed to be loud that's the problem, As with most turbo car's they're not as noisy as a tuned NA motor

I was sceptical about them being introduced over the V10's and more recent V8's but they seem to be a little unpredictable and with reliability being an issue for most teams it should make the racing more competitive and less predictable

The fact that there's more power than grip also makes life interesting, I'm looking forward to watching people lose it on tight hairpins (Monaco etc) due to the car's having so much torque even in the higher gears :)


Crazy Fool!
Apr 30, 2005
At home
Are they actually quicker!? Some clips I saw in testing they looked a lot slower and sounded pap too

Sam fr

Active Member
Aug 30, 2013
interesting seeing them stepping out due to the sudden rush of unpredictable power though :p, don't think Alonso can get used to the new braking systems either ha


Active Member
Dec 9, 2011
The turbo whistle on the on board cameras is pretty sweet though!

Kobayashi had failed rear brakes didn't he? That's why he couldn't stop in time.

I think this season could be very interesting!
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