Oil usage

Nov 21, 2020
Hi all I got my 2014 Leon fr 184 diesel serviced oil change, 3 months ago and I’ve done about 2500 miles and the check oil warning light has just come on the dash. Just checked and it just below the quarter mark is this normal I’m not sure as I’ve not had the car long???


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Mar 6, 2018
North Derbyshire
Hi, you have not given the story, I assume you had it serviced, so was it a friend, back st Garage ,or main dealer? have they
changed the filter? when did they check the level on the dipstick, whats the milage of the car? and what does it read on the stick at the moment ?


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Aug 10, 2018
I have a 2.0 TDI 184 and mine uses a little bit of oil too. Never had the warning light come on, but when I check it every few months, it usually requires a small top up. Asked the garage about this and they said it's completely normal.


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Mar 10, 2013
A litre of oil is circa top to bottom marker on the dipstick.

If the oil level is low, it will get hotter than when operating at normal oil level, which causes higher oil consumption and thus it drops more quickly.

But as above need to establish if there is a leak? Did you check the level post service and was it ok? If so, then 1+ ltr in 2.5k miles is rather high.

Any pooling of oil, oil spray in the engine bay, blue or white smoke from the exhaust? Could be any number of things - Oil filter not secure post service, sump plug, oil cooler, faulty turbo.

Brian Gordon-Stables

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Jan 16, 2020
Leicestershire, UK
I have the same car and it uses some oil. I do an oil and filter change myself every 5,000 miles inbetween full services. I never top the oil right up and I find the oil light comes on after about 2000-3000 miles. I just add a bit more.

My old Mk1 Leon oil level never budged between services. That was pre-DPF though.

Unless you find an obvious leak, I wouldn't worry about it.
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