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Welcome to the parts for sale rules and info section

1/ Why cant i post in the parts for sale section

In order to be able to post in this section, you need to be an "Active Member". You can see whether you are a "Member" or "Active Member" under your profile.

To be an "Active Member" you need to meet the following criteria:

  • You have posted at least 5 messages (of value to the community - don't just spam the threads to get your post count up as this will be frowned upon by the moderators)
  • You have received at least 2 likes from other members (showing you have contributed to the community)
  • You have been registered for at least 14 days
Any questions please ask one of the site owners or a moderator.

2/ Why cant i find my advert

Your advert can be removed for the following reasons:

All the For Sale Wanted threads have a 45 day limit, once that is passed they will be deleted and no notification will be sent to you.

If you have marked the item as sold or closed and not deleted yourself then it will be deleted once we see its closed or it will be removed after 45 days

You are advertising something that breaks the rules, normally you will be notified why we have deleted the thread.

3/ How to make your advert work for you
  • Make sure the Title is clear and to the point, if you are breaking a car give car details and breaking
  • You need to show a price or at least figure you are after
  • Location (town and country) helps buyers work out how far they have to travel to get the item if required
  • Part Numbers and as much information as you can give to help buyers ensure its what they are after
  • Pictures always help people
  • Honest details of Condition

4/ Code of Conduct
Placing an advert on SCN means you are agreeing to our terms and conditions.

1. You are the legal owner of the item offered - i.e. items posted on behalf of someone else will be deleted.

2. All classifieds ads are provided as-is and are placed entirely at the posters risk. cannot be held liable in the event of a claim arising from a dispute over an item listed on this site. Where possible we can help to contact the buyer / seller if a problem occurs and we ask that you report any classfieds issues to the admin/moderator team instead of posting the problem on the forums for mass speculation.

3. Buyer Beware!! does not in way warrant or guarantee the For Sale section of the forum. Any financial loss is at the risk of the buyer and seller.

4. Any adverts placed outside of the For Sale section should be reported to a moderator and should be ignored as it could be a scam if they are avoiding following our rules.

5. It is the duty of the seller to accurately describe the item(s) for sale and set a clear price as per our rules. Any extra charges such as delivery charges must be agreed with the buyer.

6. If you enter into an agreement on price and delivery charges, you can not then go back on that agreement. {once the agreement has been settled}

7. Payment is the responsibility of the buyer and seller to negotiate, and any payment should be made promptly.

8. The seller must post or dispatch by courier/mail, the item in a reasonable time frame. It is also good practice to inform the buyer when the item has been despatched. If the item is worth a considerable amount, recorded/special delivery or postal insurance should be considered.

9. Buyers should allow a reasonable amount of time for items to arrive if it has been despatched, and upon arrival the item should be checked immediately.

10. Any seller or buyer that fails to meet their obligation on any For Sale agreement will be barred from using the for sale section, or even removed from the forum entirely. Note that in the case of theft or fraud, all information regarding logs, ip, email information will be passed to the relevant authorities upon request.

SCN reserves the right to remove any adverts deemed unsuitable.
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