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Pictures needed for Instagram


Blue... Oh go on then
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Nov 24, 2012
Currently used 140 odd photos on the Instagram account (without repost's), thanks for everyone's pics... If you ever get more than posted if you either post on this thread or DM me for my email address

Gone from just under 200 followers to now over 500 in 2 months so not bad going...

May 24, 2020
Evening all,

The forum is looking to build up its social media presence on the usual channels, I'm in need of your help with regards to getting some high quality photos of our cars on Instagram for all to see.

I'm looking for all makes and models, new and old.

If you could only post pictures if you think your image matches these criteria, or if you think you have an overly good picture.

- high resolution photo (not cropped already)
- the picture only includes your car (unless SEAT group image)
- professional photos preferable (no garages in the background etc)
- happy for us to post your image on Instagram with a forum logo on the picture
- can prove the photo is yours or proof of photographer so we can give credits etc
- your car is clean (my personal preference haha)
- with the picture could you put the full model etc so I can tag it correctly (cupra 280 lux etc)

Anyone chosen may be contacted for the full size image if needed and to confirm that it's OK to post the image etc

If you want to follow our Instagram account you can find it here

Please only post images, all chat/banter will be removed to make my job easier.
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