Post Pic's of Your Mk3 Leon In Here


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Oct 5, 2019
Not seen those wheels on a mo3 before and they look good

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It"s different, now im looking to upgrade to bigger brakes to fill more the space, with 19" wheels, the oem brakes look small
I am going to test the mk2 cupra front brakes maybe

Nevada Cupra 290

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Sep 26, 2019
My Cupra 290 arrived today. Got the camera out while it's still clean , first impressions are this car is a hooligan haha. 3 separate people that have been in my M135i say the Cupra feels faster, I reckon it's down to the DSG as it's not got as much power as the BMW. But, yeah, I'm happy, it's a very lively car which gets the power down better than I expected after watching various videos while waiting for it to arrive.

DSC08367 by Anthony Andrades, on Flickr
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