Post Pic's of Your Mk3 Leon In Here


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Aug 2, 2019
Surrey, UK
This is my old FR st. 184 bhp but with a few mods done. Mostly suspension and exterior but also stage 1. View attachment 20208
View attachment 20209

I made the mistake of selling this for a caddy, this didn't last long so went on the hunt for another FR 184 ST. Found a white one with better spec than my old one (dsg - jury still out, winter pack etc)

As i got it... View attachment 20211

Wheels lasted all of 10 minutes until fitted these... Seat Arona Cupra exclusive wheels with pirelli all round. Big plans for this car!! View attachment 20213

Glad to be back in the Leon. Great car.
Just the wheels have made an amazing transformation.

Leather Luxe Design

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Nov 5, 2019
Indeed and thank you. I think the 17' as standard were always too small imo. I like the 18's that came on the titanium spec but not seen another set of these on a leon so i thought why not and the black polished look good against the white.
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