SEAT IBIZA 1.0 EPC Light (intermittent) and EML + P0016

Nov 13, 2023
So this has been intermittent since we bought the car. Dealer is 3 hours away so not convenient to go back and forth. We took it back 2 times and they said it was a 'software update'... It did go away but due to its intermittent nature we're never able to reproduce it to a garage. Anyways that was 7 months ago.

This comes on maybe approx. 5 times a month something liek that.

What happens is the EPC light will come on every now and then limiting revs to 3k. Car can be switched off and on and it will disappear. Can take more than once sometimes. EML comes on intermittently then goes away with no effect to how the car is driving except for the times when the EPC is on. When EPC is on, that is the only time driving is affected (obviously as iI can't rev over 3 and it's in limp mode).

I scanned with code reader and I get P0016 as a historical code.

Any ideas?
camshaft position sensor need replacing?
cambelt needs checking?
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