SEAT services that include fault checks


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Feb 17, 2014
Does anyone know when a car is serviced by SEAT and includes "Vehicle fault memory check and report" you actually receive a physical report? For example: 1st and 2nd services both mention that a fault memory check will be performed and a report provided, but have you received a copy of the fault report for 1st and 2nd services or will any faults be listed on the invoice and no report provided?


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Jun 4, 2008
South Scotland
My maybe only short experience of VW Group dealership's workshop servicing, only going back to 2000 covering a new VW Passat B5, new VW Polo 9N, new SEAT Ibiza 6J, slightly used Audi S4 and new VW Polo 6C, leads me to believe that that statement paid by all VW Group dealerships, or on behalf of them, is complete waffle! I've scanned all the cars I've had anything to do with before and after service, and only the service indicators get reset, so all that includes, 2 VW main dealerships, 1 Audi main dealerships and 2 SEAT dealerships.

In fact, my Audi got some minor side scrapes sorted out and came back loaded up with maybe logged faults relating to assemblies being removed prior to painting, and my daughter's new SEAT Leon Cupra was handed over with many many original build faults logged - so not all or even many bother much about stored faults it seems going by my short experience.

Add onto that "all cars get checked for updates when in for servicing - and that is one reason that is one good reason to stay within the dealership service umbrella" - as far as I have been able to make out, what happens is, when that car is logged in for a service, the service receptionist is alerted for any essential/safety updates due and they will get carried out - all the other will only get considered if a customer reports a known fault that gets "removed" by an update action, and that reported fault can be replicated/repeated by a service operative on the day the car gets presented for service.

My wife's previous 2002 VW Polo exhibited a long list of known "ghost" faults that were covered by an engine ECU update, VW dealer always denied that any S/W update existed, so I was stuck with regularly clearing these faults for 12 years!
My daughter's first SEAT, a late 2009 Ibiza 1.4 SC suffered from a discharging battery for a few years in later life, that again was due to a known programming issue with the BCM on a batch of Polo and Ibiza mainly, that car was 7 years old and I was onto my second SEAT dealership before it was accepted as a problem that had a fix waiting - that fault must have been there from day one but her initial usage of that car meant that that fault did not show up - by the way, when these cars are scanned, each module reports its S/W issue version, so in reality, as that issue was known to be a problem, that could/should have been picked up prior to initial handover if dealerships were actually bothering to check cars properly. No magic, no "maybe it would or not cause an issue" it was a known fault with a fix!
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