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SEAT Wanted section - Help / Info

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Some information and guides on using this section

1/ Why cant I post in this thread

In order to be able to post in this section, you need to be an "Active Member". You can see whether you are a "Member" or "Active Member" under your profile.

To be an "Active Member" you need to meet the following criteria:

  • You have posted at least 5 messages (of value to the community - don't just spam the threads to get your post count up as this will be frowned upon by the moderators)
  • You have received at least 2 likes from other members (showing you have contributed to the community)
  • You have been registered for at least 14 days
Any questions please ask one of the site owners or a moderator.

2/ Why cant I find my advert

Your advert can be removed for the following reasons:

All the For Sale Wanted threads have a 45 day limit, once that is passed they will be deleted and no notification will be sent to you.

If you have marked the item as sold or closed and not deleted yourself then it will be deleted once we see its closed or it will be removed after 45 days

You are advertising something that breaks the rules, normally you will be notified why we have deleted the thread.

3/ How should my request look

The title should be Simple and to the point - Looking for a Stage 1/2 Mk1 Cupra in Yellow

Body should have all the relevant items you are after
Give a good idea of what you are willing to pay - eg looking to spend around £7,500 but no more than £8,000 for the perfect car
If full service history is important to you say so
What do you want the car to have (Heated seats, Reversing Camera etc) and be clear what is must have and what is nice to have
If millage is important give idea what you will and will not accept
If colour is important state what you are looking for
If after a modified car be as specific as you can on what you are looking for.

Last point if you are looking for a car to break that request should be in the parts section.

4/ Formal rules for using this section can be found here
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