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Feb 6, 2021
Morning Tribe

Cars going in for its first service on Monday

Couple of questions if anyone can help.

is the service recorded digitally like my previous car or did I get a service book?

My service Connect is about to run out and I was wondering what I will lose if I don't renew? I rarely use the app but I am concerned what features I will lose in the car




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May 20, 2021
I am pretty sure it is all digital now... as I have gone through all the documents that the car came with, but there is no physical service book.

With the "Connect" app you will only lose the ability to check the status of your car, lock and unlock remotely, if you have a hybrid the ventilation function. It is nice to have for free, but I won't be renewing as you can pretty much get all the information from the infotainment system. If you rarely use it now, there wouldn't be a need to purchase it.

Hope that helps!
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