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so… how many from scotland?


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Think the one in Falkirk is for everyone... I got stopped by the traffics when I had my Pug 206 CC for my number plates heading thru there, they thought I was going to the meet (retail park I think), in which I wasn't they were just finding an excuse to stop nice cars! Nowt better to do...

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Apr 15, 2014
Oh really that's not good then think I might give it a miss then. Need to sort out what I am going to do with mine keep it or sell and go for a turbo version as miss my turbo now lol.


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Jun 23, 2014
Scotland, Fife
Shame you weren't looking a few months back. My old one got traded in at 6 years old with only 58k on the clock for a 57 plate!
My timing is usually off with these sort of things, seen a car on auto trader that I fell in love with but its in bloody Ireland lol. I am coming through your way to look at a black 56 plate today. If it is in as good nick as the guy said then hopefully sign things today and have the car next week as it needs a service.
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