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Dec 3, 2015
Don't know long we will have to wait for the more powerful version either at the moment.
They will probably release the price of the 231ps version, the same day they release details of the 2 motor edition(!)... It's almost like they don't want sales....


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Nov 20, 2001
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It’s all very odd…
i get the impression you will not be taking delivery of these until Q3 in the UK.
We needed a second car sharpish to do all the running around and there was some old stock e208 GT premiums kicking about so got one on order and now just waiting for the 14 day cooling off period before they can deliver.

Bit gutted as I really wanted a Cupra Born, 3y lease so it’s going to be a long wait!


Apr 20, 2008
They will be holding back cause they wont be able to build them. Car Manufacturing is on the rocks right now

Nathan penney

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Jul 8, 2017
Most dealer forecourts look thin on the ground with second hand cars too.
Suppose if no one can get a new one, no ones trading in their old car.
A friend of mine ordered a one series BM and waiting similar time to most on here as I keep reading on other posts.
Throwing a new model in the mix is just going to add to the problem, or is the Born made somewhere else?

Mad Spoons

Jun 27, 2005
A Post on here showed they had started production in September, so where are they all?
The wife’s car is due to go back in July so looking to order something now, but curious to see if the lease deals are going to be any good.

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The Irish product guide has pricing for the 77kW and eBoost versions. Orders from March and delivery from August is what I understand.


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For those interested in the Born we now have some VERY early and indicative PCP and PCH monthly rental pay ranges for 58kWh 204PS derivatives.

Please note they aren't final figures and subject to changes and do not take into account options either. T
hese are specifically for the 58kWh 204PS V1 to V3 derivatives across both personal contract plan (PCP) and personal contract hire (PCH).

PCP* (based on £4,000 customer deposit and 36/10k profile)

Indicative monthly payment range
Born 58kWh V1 204PS£434 - £474
Born 58kWh V2 204PS£439 - £479
Born 58kWh V3 204PS£505 - £545

(based on 6+35 profile, 10k miles per annum)

Indicative monthly payment range
Born 58kWh V1 204PSNo headline
Born 58kWh V2 204PS£421 - £461
Born 58kWh V3 204PS£486 - £526
*These figures are subject to VWFS ratification and may differ from the final launch campaigns.

If you'd like to know more, arrange a virtual viewing of the Born drop me a DM or email me at [email protected] or our delightful returning CUPRA Specialist Karla at [email protected]

AND now that we are in February we can say Born is coming NEXT MONTH... how exciting!
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