water in footwell AGAIN


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Feb 11, 2007
newport,south wales
I had the drivers side rear doorseal resealed on my wifes `02 Toledo TDI at the beginning of the year as there was a puddle in the rear footwell . I`ve got the same problem again and the garage are going to reseal it free of charge , but is there anywhere else the leak could be coming from .


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Dec 8, 2006
Might be worth getting them to seal the front door as well as the water tends to run to the back of the car because of the floor shape whilst they are in there ask them to seal all the bolts holding the ancillary panal and all the clips bungs etc -you would be suprised where i have seem water coming in on my V5!,the other thing a few people have done is to cut a small chunk out of the flap on the door seal along the bottom edge of the door where the flap on it covers the drain hole when the door is closed stopping the water that gets inside the door from draining away causing the door to fill with water ,this then finds its way behind the ancillarys panal and the door trim to the inside the car.Just look along the bottom edge of the door and you will see what i mean-apparently this is a fix used by some dealers? There are so many causes of these leaks and no 2 cars seem the same ,the prob is you think you have sorted it and a few months later it does it again from somewhere else....:cry: I spent ages trying to sort leaks in the back only to find out they were coming from a dodgy seal on the pollen filter housing where it sits on the scuttle panal,running down behind glovebox under front carpet and to lowest point in rear footwell-carpet in front stayed dry because the underlay is so thick and heater prob kept drying carpet out? Good luck & dont forget to do a search in the forums there are some good articles in here!
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