4 Bar Fuel Pressure Regulator (FPR) Installation

Written by Pabs

Installation of a 4bar fpr means that the increase in fuel pressure, when combined with a remapped ECU, will give extra power, somewhere in the region of 10-15bhp. Obviously this also means that fuel consumption will increase, but only if you are pushing the car hard.

Some Revo garages will fit the FPR for you for free, as it is only a 5 minute job. However, if not its easy enough to do, so just follow the simple steps below! However, I must stress that this only works with a remap such as Revo. Do not change the fpr on a std vehicle as installing this alone may damage your engine.

  1. locate the 3 bar fpr on rhs of fuel rail,(under engine cover – highlighted in green) Get a paint brush and brush away any crud that has accumalated around the fpr itself, to avoid getting any into the fuel line.FPR Location
  2. Get a firm grip on the fpr housing and a pair of pliers onto the circlip, and slowly draw the circlip towards the front of the car and out of the fpr housing. Clean any hidden crud with your brush again.Image shows the FPR removed from the housing.fprout
  3. The fpr has a rubber seal so give it a small twist as you lift it out of its housing (leaving the fuel line on the 3 bar fpr for now)Image shows std 3bar fpr completely removed from the car.fpr1
  4. Take the 4 bar fpr and twist it in to the housing slowly. Put your thumb on the top of the fpr and slide in the circlip again with your pliers.
  5. Finally, loosen the fuel line clip on the old 3 bar fpr. (some may take this off and fita new one) Pull the pipe off of the 3 bar fpr and fit the new clip if you wish. Push the pipe onto your new 4 bar fpr and when fully pushed on tighten the hose clip.Thats it – job done. Make sure you wipe off any excess fuel that may have escaped – if you have done this properly it should only be minimal fluid.