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How to create social groups

We have given you the ability to create your own social groups as you would a thread on the forum. You as the creator can choose whether they are public, moderated, or invite only. The social group creator acts very much like a moderator of that group in all cases.

As stated above we won't allow social groups to be misused those that are deemed in conflict with our forum rules, such as criminal activity, political, racist or abusive views etc. In short be sensible.


1. As already explained above use the QUICKLINKS to go to the social group listings.
Now when the list of active social groups is displayed scroll down to the bottom of the list.

Yes you guessed it. Click on CREATE A NEW GROUP as shown below.

2. Now using the image below as guide.

Give the group a clear sensible name, not too long.
Give it a good description based on what the group is for.

Set the Group type, this can be either:

Anyone including Newbies can join this and the postings are not moderated.
MODERATED: Anyone can join the group, but the creator can moderate what is posted. *I think needs testing though to be sure
INVITE ONLY: Self explanatory really. This group is only viewable after being invited to join by the creator.

Social groups can also have albums assigned to them, but you can only add pictures that are already a part of your individual profile quota. (this may expand in the future but it requires more server disk space)

Message can either be enabled or not.

Users must join to view the content, again self explanatory. If this is set on a public group, people won't be able to view messages until they join it. If its not clicked then they don't have to be members to view the content.

Have fun!
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