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General maintenance Handy things to know about your Ibiza MK5

I keep looking through threads on this site and finding ouy loads of handy things about my ibiza. Thought it would be handy to have a place to put anything you find out.

I was thinking things like the wiper service mode, coming home headlight function, the little button on the bottom of 1 of the stalks (took me 6 months to notice that one) and the autolock feature.

Fair enough these are all things that you could find out by reading your handbook from start to finish, but the majority of people dont have time for that :p

Anybody else got any nifty features they want to mention?


Wiper Service Mode
Moves wipers into the middle of the windscreen
Used when you need to lift your wipers off the screen to clean, replace blades etc.
Turn the key all the way to the left (anticlockwise) without removing it, wait a couple of seconds, then flick the wiper stalk down once.
THIS IS WHY - http://www.seatcupra.net/forums/showthread.php?t=253544

Locks the car when you drive away.
Used to prevent access from OUTSIDE of the car.
It will automatically unlock if airbag is deployed to allow emergency access.
Insert key, start engine, within a couple of seconds of doing this, press the lock button in the center console. If it doesnt work, try again and try holding the button down for a second or two (took me a few attempts). Lock icon in center console will flash when changed.

Remote Controlled Windows
Opens and closes the windows remotely using the keyfob.
Used on sunny days and just to look cool?
Press and hold lock button on keyfob to close remotely, press and hold unlock button on keyfob to open.

Auto Rear Wiper
Used to ensure you have a clear view out of your rear window.
NONE, simply put your car into reverse and it will automatically wipe for you (only if wipers are ON at the time).

Speed notification
Chimes when you reach a set speed.
Used to remind you when you go over the limit etc.
Navigate to the screen that is by default at (--mph). Hold the button under the wiper stalk for a second or two until the screen flashes. Use the up down buttons on the end of the stalk to set a speed, then press the button under the stalk to set.

Saving Stereo Settings
Stores settings for easy switching between different modes.
Used when different settings are needed for different inputs.
Setting up your stereo-
Press the "audio" button,
Adjust the settings using the volume knob to move between settings,
Press the volume knob to select a setting to adjust
Adjust using the volume knob, press again to set the level.
Press the button to the right of the volume knob to return to the setting selection page
Storing Settings -
Once you're happy with the set-up, press the button to the left of the volume knob
Use the volume knob to select a memory location,
Press and hld the volume knob for a few seconds,
The headunit will chime when the setting is saved.
To recall a previously saved setting, press the button to the left of the volume knob,
Select the setting to load and press the volume knob to load the setting
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