1. flozz1233

    Many problems with my new purchase

    Hello Seat :) Hope everyone is well during these times Please note that is my first post I was wondering if anyone knows where I would be able to locate or order a replacement glovebox for the MK3 6L my mechanism was broken and had to rip off the front part of the glovebox to have a fully...
  2. Single clunk when braking/accelerating from a stop!

    Hi, I've been having this weird clunk noise coming from the front end of the car. My car is a 2005 1.9TDI Seat Leon (1M) When i start braking there is a single clunk coming from the front end of the car. Mainly happens when coming to a stop. When i pull away again there is another clunk as if...
  3. iammooks

    1.9TDI FR 150 Emissions Test MoT Fail Advice

    My 1.9TDI FR 150 failed its MoT today. Looking at the paperwork, it was a fail on 'Plated Value', coming in at 0.84m-1 with a max permitted of 0.70m-1. I've got the car booked in to be looked at on Wednesday, but in the meantime I've had a few different bits of advice - from having the engine...
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