1. TadejB

    My Cupra with 500hp for sale :)

    Hi everybody! I've decided to sell my Seat Leon Cupra 2014 with 515hp on the dyno. Here are the specs: TTH540 Hybrid Turbo (Currently on 1.6bar...with built internals it could do 2.3bar) Wagner Intercooler BullX 200cell downpipe Revo 7 3inch mid-pipe and custom inox Y pipe Autotech high...
  2. K8VXT

    2014 Seat Leon Cupra 280 DSG 64k Miles

    Here is my Seat Leon Cupra 280 for sale! It’s currently being used so mileage will go up a bit. Price is negotiable, but please no stupid offers. The highlights: ✅Seat Leon Cupra 280 DSG ✅64,500 miles ✅Full Service history by Seat - has had a DSG oil change! ✅2 owners prior to me ✅Changed...
  3. LoGiC_91

    Some pictures of my Cupra

    Posting some pictures of my Cupra to the community, including one from the engine bay showing the custom intake.
  4. New cupra owner, looking to mod!

    Hi guys! picked up a 2014 cupra 280 2 days ago and I absolutely love it!! I’m wanting to do some cosmetic mods to exterior but I don’t Where to buy the parts? As my cupras white I’m looking to get some more black trim. I want to get a black splitter, possibly a new diffuser and a black side...
  5. Clutch upgrade, 2011 leon 2.0l TSI 211hp

    Hey guys, after replacing my clutch. Found standard replacement kits for it online but have failed to find any performance kits for it. I have a 2011 2.0l TSI 211hp (facelift I believe) but all the kits I come across that are closest too are 09/12 2.0l tfsi 211hp. Am I missing something...
  6. Hristiyan Dyankov

    Cupra 2.0TSI engines reliability and impressions?

    Hey guys!! Really thinking of buying a Cupra 300 or whatever they are after the new testing fiasco. Was wondering how are the 2.0TSI engines because I've been reading a lot of bad stuff about them but the only info i find is about the older ones. Are they still that bad or there are new...
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