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  1. 10th birthday for my Arosa

    It's called 'Squash' because my wife decided it was a squashed limo as it is amazing how much you can get in it. Anyway Squash is now 10 years old and still going strong after two dipsticks plowing into the back, several key stripes and thousands of miles of lugging huge amounts of gear all over...
  2. willcooke

    Happy birthday to my old girl...

    She's got there, and still seems to have plenty left yet.
  3. Birthday Present

    Hi there i wondered if anyone would be able to help me. My boyfriend owns a 56 plate ibiza FR and he is wanting a dump valve for it. It is his birthday on wednesday and i would like to get it as a surprise for him however i have no idea what i am look for or where to lool. I would be really...
  4. belgarion

    Picking up my Cupra on My Birthday!

    I've been waiting for months, and now I've finally got a date I can pick it up. My Birthday! Thats the best present ever! :D 10 days and counting. Will comment and post pics asap!
  5. bentaw

    My Birthday

    How come my name isnt at the bottom on todays birthdays then:cry:
  6. WeeJase

    happy birthday ZBOYD

    the big man is 33 years young as of midnight tonight.have a good day mate ;)
  7. my birthday!

    my bday was 2day n it didnt come up on the bottom of the forum!!![:@]
  8. My birthday

    I was dissapointed to see that SCN hadn't put my birthday up yesterday:( . Went to have a look, then scrolled down the page and i wasnt there:cry: . So ill do it a day late. I'm now 21 as of yesterday, so happy birthday to me;)
  9. mhill

    Its forgotten my birthday!!

    Even the seat car club remembered!!!! lol:p
  10. LeonFRTDi

    Happy Birthday 1yr old me Leon !

    There's just gone 1yr of v satisfied leon TDi ownership, long may it last. 13,025 miles done in 12months & 3mm rubber on fronts with 4/5mm left on the rears (Bridgestone) genuine tyres. Overall Ave is 45.4 so no complaints there. Had a 120mile run at the weekend mostly motorways & never above...
  11. Yes it's M0rks birthday

    Damn I haven't yet had a reply and it's been at least 10seconds since I posted the first of my threads, although I've lost count how many times I've posted this another one couldn't hurt, I'm sure my post count will be high enough to be able to figure out how to post in that for sale section...
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