1. Cupraken

    Cupra rocks at Castle Combe!

    Had my first track day at Castle Combe today, the car rocks! Grid full of Scoobies,Evos etc, I was nervous as hell! Tell you what, 4wd ain't what it's cracked up to be (on a race track anyway), my mate was in one and it pushed in the slow corners so he was no better off than me, BUT I wasn't...
  2. jamieread

    Autometrix VAG trackday at Castle Coombe

    Pics of some of the Seat's at the autometrix day at coombe on saturday.
  3. Ibiza 130 tdi

    Action Day - Castle Combe 25th April 2009

    Some pics from today! Only a few as I took 100's! :lol: Please excuse bad editing in the first pic. Photobucket isnt working right for me and puts spots on my pics that i edit!
  4. Beaker™

    Castle Combe Action Day (21.04.07)

    Only went up for a couple of hours. Only had chance to take a few random pics.
  5. Beaker™

    Castle Combe 09/04/2007

    Husqvarna Retro Race Day..... Race 01 Melton Concrete Products Castle Combe FF1600 Championship Race 02 Stars of the ‘70s Race 03 Masters Top Hat Sir John Whitmore Trophy for pre-’66 Touring Race 04 National Mobile Windscreens Castle Combe Saloon Car Championship Well done Bill...
  6. Beaker™

    Castle Combe Today.....

    Took a drive up Castle Combe today to have a wander about at some random trackday and try my hand at taking some pics. As this was my 1st time taking pics of moving objects, obviously they arnt great. But out of 360 pics, 200 of them were good enough to be kept. Random selection....
  7. T7ODD

    VAG-COM in Devon or Castle Combe 22/7?

    I've been trying to get VAG-COM connected to the car to log some recent faults and run some tests but no joy so far. Is there anyone in the Devon Exeter/Torbay area with it who would be willing to help me out? Or alternatvely, anyone going to Rally Day at Castle Combe tomorrow? Thanks, Todd
  8. Rally Day Castle Combe 22nd July 2006

    Is anyone going to the rally day at castle combe next saturday (22nd July)? I'll be there, should be a good day - not been before so looking forward to it. Not sure what time to get there, it says starts at 9am but i doubt the main action will be on till later, but want to get a good...
  9. jcs356

    Mk2's on track at Castle Combe

    Here's a piccie of 4 of SCN's finest attacking the track at Castle Combe yesterday....
  10. Cadwell

    Castle Combe Saloon Car Championship

    It's good to see some SEATs coming out to play in this series. In the first round we had the Badger5 team Ibiza make it's first appearance driven by Bill Brockbank and this time round we...
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