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  1. jrsmooth

    Solution for using an iPhone in the factory iPod Dock

    Hello, I thought i would post my solution for using an iPhone with the standard factory dock. Those who have tried this will note that the door will not shut when an iPhone, or iPod Touch for that matter, is inserted into the dock. An easy solution for this is to remove the door (it has a...
  2. Ipod dock

    Hi everyone in need of some help i cant get my ipod to work in the dock under my drivers seat. Is it only new ish ipods that work or could thier be a fault with my dock.
  3. Nath.

    factory ipod dock is pants

    I have the factory ipod dock and I think it's pants. I have done the play lists thing but I still have a hard job finding tracks and albums on my nearly full 80gb Ipod. Can I downgrade to just the AUX in system and just use the IPod that way? Anyone done this? where does the AUX cable...
  4. Ipod Dock under seat

    Hi all, I picked my 56 plater FR TDI 170 up on wednesday night and noticed it had the adapter to fit an ipod under the seat. If i get an ipod and fit it in wud it play? or so u have to activate it or what? i tried my work colleagues last night and its plugged in but nothing happened...
  5. Broken iPOD Dock

    Anone had problems with the stock factory ipod dock the one that lives under the drtivers seat. My 57plate TDI 140 Sport has had one unit replaced under warranty and now that's failed (after 3 months) to make matters worse the dealer refuses to look at it again claiming i have abused it...
  6. Glovebox USB dock

    Has anyone ever managed to source one of the Seat glovebox USB or Ipod installs or even got a part number.They used to be on the seat.com site but have gone now.
  7. Jace

    IPOD dock conection failure

    Has anybody else had their ipod dock pack up ? All was well until I removed the ipod to take it off shuffle, reconected in the dock & now it wont play.... Nothing at all, even tried her ipod in it & still nothing.. I cant even play cd's as it pulls up an error [:@]

    TOMTOM fixed dock for LEON FR - Price££££?

    Has anyone ordered the TomTom fixed dock for their new LEON? I'm interested to know on the price. Will this make the Bluetooth kit useless as the modern compatible TOMTOMs have bluetooth already?
  9. Ice Link Plus - Active Cradle or Dock Cable

    Hi there, Thinking of buying an Ice Link Plus to connect my iPod Video to my standard Aura CD/Tuner. Not sure whether to go for the Active Cradle or the Dock Cable. Looking at the positioning of the Active Cradle (to the left of the head unit), it looks like it would interfere with the...
  10. xJib

    Leon ashtray iPod dock

    So after trying out some different iPod solutions where you use the stereo to control the iPod I found them to be really clumsy and slow, so I thought that I’d try and make my own. To start the Sony CDX-NC9950 that I had upgraded had an AUX in so this was going to be the method to interface...
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