1. paddy6789

    Progressive Parts Event - Rolling Road Sunday 17th November

    Progressive Parts are hosting a rolling road event on 17th November. Here is the main thread with all of the information: https://forums.seatcupra.net/index.php?threads/progressive-parts-rolling-road-day-sunday-17th-november.456484/#post-4882583
  2. Syphon

    2019 National Meet - 14th July (booking information and discussion)

    We're heading to Donington this year in the summer at Trax. The organisers of last year's event aren't running. Date: Sunday 14th July (you can camp the day before if you wish) Location: Donington Park Organiser: Trax Deadline for booking to be on the stand: 10th June Who is welcome: All...
  3. Trackday at Gatebil Event in Norway

    Here's a clip from a trackday at Rudskogen in Norway. Car ran GREAT! and the strange thing is that then engine got stronger after a couple laps. Makes sense? enjoy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aed6-W6aEuI
  4. stuart86

    GTi International 2007 event gallery

    http://www.britishmods.com/gallery/ ive unlocked the album to save having to register as i know some people can find that an arse ache lol enjoy :)
  5. bozwellox

    17" GSD3s at Event Tyres for £98.70 fitted

    I've seen these online and it seems a good price so will probably order a pair as my front Pilot Sports are getting low. I've read various posts mentioning possible quality issues with GSD3s that are manufactured in different places (Chine/Thailand??). Has anyone ordered a set of these from...
  6. TallFella

    Event Mobile Tyres

    Just had a set of F1's fitted to the front - it's like having a new car!!!! :-o Couldn't believe how low the old'uns had got (just about legal he said). Anyhoo, just thought I'd sing their virtues! £215 all in fitted in the car park at work, nice chap doing the job, all round excellent...
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