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  1. OllieL

    Favourite Rims on a MK2

    All I seem to do is waste hours on the internet looking at wheels for my mk2! I think I have about 6 Sets knocking around in the garage at home (to the dismay of my parents - especially as I don't live there for most of the year!!). What are people favourite wheels they have seen on a mk2...
  2. Favourite wheels on mk2

    As the title says, post your favourite wheels on the leon mk2, please include wheel manufacturer and size.:p
  3. pedy

    favourite pic of your car

    saw this on another site to begin with, post up your favourite pic of your car (only one though!) and its amazin some of the pics you see... who wants to start the ball rolling????
  4. warren_cox

    A final ode to one of my favourite cars, the LCR

    I am now within a few short days of changing my allegiance and switching from a run of 5 SEAT's on the trot (Me: 2 x LCR & 1 x Ibiza TDi FR, Wife: Arosa 1.0MPi, Ibiza 1.2S Mk4). I've truly enjoyed all the SEAT cars we've owned in the last 5 years, and don't look back with regret on any of them...
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