1. F1 at Silverstone July 2010

    Well im going to the f1 this july 9th - 11th i will be there for the qualifying and the race on the sunday and im camping, i was just wondering if anyone else off scn is going the race and who there going with!? Im going with my brother and my dad and a few other family members which i think...
  2. Spud_G40

    Spud_G40's BT Mk3 Cupra - FOR SALE

    Hey, Been on the forum a few years now, decided I would put some pictures up of my car, Had a Polo G40 before this hense the name, and bought my car after looking around on here. Here is my wee G40 Heres what My Ibiza looked like when I bought it back in July 06' Spec when...
  3. josh263uk

    Formula Sport: matt black vinyl in place 04/02/10

    Well, thought id put a couple of picture on here, now its clean. Just a quick wash and wax today. More plans in the future, like, cupra exhaust, strut brace, lowered, to name a few bits, but have to get it past the other half, she wants a house:) run out of tyre gel:( Thanks...
  4. m0rk

    Snetterton BTCC Infield Parking - Sun July 29th 2007

    Snetterton BTCC Infield Parking - Sun July 29th 2007 Again with the generous help of SEAT Sport UK and Snetterton/Motorsport Vision they have secured infield Parking passes (and some freebies I understand!) for us, if you want to come please don't delay. As always it will be first come first...
  5. Czechboy

    July Pompey pimping

    OK peeps, here as some pics from our last meet. Anyone who lives down south should definitelly try and attend the next one (for more info click my sig link) Don't forge to comment on the photos ;)
  6. BTCC Donington Park July 15th

    Has any one got any good pictures from Sundays Race2 especially the podium trophy to Jason, as my battery went flat on camera, any one recommend any web site to visit for BTCC photos of the podium PLEASE HELP!
  7. m0rk

    Donington Park BTCC Infield Parking - Sun July 15th 2007

    Donington Park BTCC Infield Parking - Sun July 15th 2007 Its also a favourite venue of many SCN members, so don't delay so you don't miss out on parking together with SEATCupra.net. Again with the generous help of SEAT Sport UK and Donington Park they have secured 50 PASSES for us, if you want...
  8. m0rk

    Donington Park BTCC Meet Sunday 30th July

    For the 4th year in a row, SEATCupra.net have been offered allocated parking onsite at Donington in a prime location Exact numbers have to be confirmed, but we have at least 35 spaces up for grabs (I expect to fill these with ease as Donington is a prime location & an excellent viewing track)...
  9. Rally Day Castle Combe 22nd July 2006

    Is anyone going to the rally day at castle combe next saturday (22nd July)? I'll be there, should be a good day - not been before so looking forward to it. Not sure what time to get there, it says starts at 9am but i doubt the main action will be on till later, but want to get a good...
  10. m0rk

    Croft BTCC Meet 16th July 2006

    SEAT have done an amazing job once again & secured us parking on site at Croft for the 5th round of BTCC. Basically for people that haven't been before - we have no special clique, no members fee - we just all get to park with like minded SEAT owners, show off our cars to the 20,000 people...
  11. ZBOYD

    July 2006 Calendar

    SEATCupra.net's Calendar's return! After a 6 month sabatical the SEATCupra.net monthly calendar / backdrop return in anger! Choose from:1024x800 1280x1024 1680x1050 Link To Original Article
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