1. rocky2008

    Jennings seat (middlesbrough)

    just had my car in there getting some body work done, when i got it back i could not believe what a good job they had done on it, the colour match was spot on, the car looked like new!! :happy:
  2. Services in middlesbrough

    Does any body know any good specialist garages in middlesbrough for servicing... Thanks
  3. cus

    spare coilpack in middlesbrough area needed

    probably the wrong forum,but i need a coilpack asap and i'm from the middlesbrough area. will take SEAT 2 daysto get it into stock :( thanks, marcus
  4. Teasy

    Fellow Middlesbrough Leon

    Spotted a yellow Leon today at about 4pm on Marton Rd with fancy letters on the number plate, who was it ? (Looked like a female driving with shades on......Nice car) [B)] :clap:
  5. Red Ibiza Middlesbrough....

    I saw a very lovely looking Reb beeza FR TDi on my way home tonight wondered if the owner was a meber, It was a 56 plate as looked very clean.... must admit though the driver looked well cheesed off on the 66 traffic queue.... H
  6. Middlesbrough and REVO

    I am considering getting revo when i have saved uo enough. I was just wondering if anyone is middlesbrough area had a leon fr/cupra tdi revod and would be kind enough to take me for a spin. For a few beers of course. N yes we lost 7 - 0. Bring on the jokes
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