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Services in middlesbrough


Does any body know any good specialist garages in middlesbrough for servicing... Thanks


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Aug 31, 2004
Have you got a quote from Jennings Seat?. Just that i was in last week after a price for the 1st service for my K1 and was very suprised at the good price they offered me. Think they need our business!


just phoned seat today £177 for second service and volkswerk want £140 so not that much diff really
Jul 10, 2007
Can you say more?, or pm me. I have to make a decision shortly and its between Penmans and Jennings.
I've had problems with Jennings in the past. Not at the SEAT bit but at Ford.

The worst was they claimed a needed new brake pads when I'd had them checked by Kwik Fit 2 weeks before and they were fine.

They finally admitted they made a mistake (and offered a goodwill gesture) but only after a lot of arguing and getting the brakes checked by another technician.


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Jan 22, 2007
Had some repair work done about 2 years ago now. The receptionist was rude and arrogant. I had the mot and service done at the same time. I recieved a notice saying the exhaust was on its way out. It's still there and I'm going to guess it'll pass the mot this year aswell. At Volkswerk.

Oh and jennings. I wouldn't trust the head mechanic guy as far as i could throw him. He just seems... well rude and arrogant, oh and very smug.


Completely agree with the above posters AVOID SEAT Jennings in Middlesbrough like the plague. Reason why?

1. One of the salesmen had not heard of the Cupra K1. He said it was his 3rd day on the job...You can only imagine what i was thinking :think: HOW THE F**K did he get the job. That is like a salesman working for BMW and not knowing what the M5 is.....That is their best car for god sake!!

2. They do not like it when the customer knows just as much or more than their own knowledge. They were VERY defensive when i asked why their 07 plate cupra with 10k miles was for sale at £16k. I told them you could get them for £12-13k and theyr were VERY dismisive. I had to show them the print out on auto trader. They then started to say the ones advertised were grey imports....They surely cant be all be!?....I told the sales manager that their prices were inflated compared to other SEAT dealers...did he believe me? NO!!!! He had to look on his system and their it was smack in his face. Did he apolpgize? NO

3. Refused a test drive....because i wanted to buy in a few weeks and not NOW

They are completely incompetent and i told the sales manager that he had lost alot of money. Imagine handing over the keys to your beloved car for a service or repair when they are prepared to employ any Tom, **** and Harry. AVOID!
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Dec 4, 2008
when i had my Seat ibiza, i used to take it down the Jennings Seat when i studied at Teesside uni, and i must say, the servicing they had done on my car was ok although they never washed of cleaned the inside of it.. then i askd why, they said its because the usual guy who does it is off on holiday?.... never knew is was a skilled job?... lol funny thing is, i gave them a second chance, still the same...

also they were quite ignorant at times.. if you could find another place i would recommend going else where..

but this was a couple of years ago, so i dont know if anything has changed...


Thanks for the comments guys looks like seat just lost a customer think i will try volkswerk..........


I bought my FR from David Penmans, and had the first service by them. So far I've had no problems. The seem professional and polite.


I used David Penmans for 2 yrs in a row however I now say avoid at all costs. Last Cupra R went for a rountine serve, they handed my keys back to me and Iwas go around theback to get my car I notice the fron splitter is hanging off and touching the floor. I went back to reception who politly asked me to wait whilst he dashed round back, so I followed 2/3mins later and we have a mechanic under my car messing around. Receptionist then says - they go all done! So I have a closer look and the splitter is scuffed/scraped like hell and is still hanging so I demanded a replacement which final got order and fitted 3/4 wks later.

The thing that really pissed me off was the fact the did not notice (most of been a decent bang to pull the spliter from the bolts) which then got me thinking how much attention do these so called specialists take.

Rant over.


Phoned david penman yesterday and they want £199.95 thats more than the main dealers were charging
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