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Services in middlesbrough


Olympic Knitting Champion
Aug 23, 2005
David Penman's dropped something on the bonnet of my wifes Ibiza, scratching it down to the metal. Trouble is she didn't notice it for a day and a half. They denied it, of course.

Oh and they delivered my Leon with a dent in the door. Took them 4 weeks to sort it out.

Other than that, I found them to be ok. But as others have said, check your car carefully after they have had it and before you drive off.


Dave The Rave
Jul 2, 2008
I never trust dealers anymore with my cars I do all my own services. Cheaper and you can do 2 or 3 for the price of 1 at a dealers!! I did my service the other week and took me and hour and she was back on the road :)
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