1. sjolliff

    VCDS / VAG-COM Register - Who's got what and where?

    Just to let people know. VCDS (VAG-COM) Genuine Fully Registered HEX-CAN-USB. Latest Software Used, Covers All VAG Cars 1992-Present Brighouse, West Yorkshire. I also work in and around the Selby area ATM! PM if needed IE: Full car scans, Fault Finding, Fault clearing, Data Logging...
  2. Boca/Cupra/Fr register

    Thought i'd get an idea of numbers, whos got what of the elite of the Ibiza ;) username and model please, cope and paste into the next box. techie - Bocanegra in candy white.
  3. Dave_88

    Wont Allow to register?

    This is the message that my mate gets everytime she wants to log in. Message You have been banned for the following reason: No reason was specified. Date the ban will be lifted: Never Please can you tell me the reasons why username is: Vixxxen She has never posted at all as cant...
  4. What wheels fit Cupra R

    I wanted to change wheels and i got told that aot of the wheels dont have the clearance for the calipers. I have heard the team dynamics wheels fit?? I was interested in the Pro race 1.2
  5. How do you get the serial no for vag com to register?

    have posted this in vag section but it dont get many hits lol i got the ross tech vag com but want the full version but i cant seem to get the serial number sdo i can get a key code for it ??
  6. Large Bore LCR TIP - Register interest

    Anyone interested in a Large Bore LCR TIP from Forge Motorsport please register interest:
  7. Jamin Berry

    Seat Mk2 Ibiza Owners Register

    RULES AND GUIDELINES PM me your USERNAME, ENGINE TYPE, LOCATION (city/area, not where we can steal it from) and COLOUR. If i dont get one of them, im not listing you. If you want you can send me your Msn address aswell. Yes i know if we looked under info we could see it.... Im hoping admins...
  8. Martyn

    Ibiza Cupra R Register

    Owner Details... Name: Martyn Age: 24 Location: Bournemouth Car Details... Year Registered: 2002 Colour: Black Current Mileage: 31,000 Mods: See Signature
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