Seat Mk2 Ibiza Owners Register


PM me your USERNAME, ENGINE TYPE, LOCATION (city/area, not where we can steal it from) and COLOUR. If i dont get one of them, im not listing you. If you want you can send me your Msn address aswell. Yes i know if we looked under info we could see it....

Im hoping admins will make it a sticky.

1. Jamin Berry, Banana yellow 2.0 16v CUPRA. Nr Windermere, Cumbria ([email protected])

2. [email protected], Copper Bronze 2.0 16v GTI , Cheltenham Glos

3. Dirtbiker, Lazuli Blue 1.4 5dr, Nottingham/Southampton

4. Ibiza_95, Magic Black 2.0 16v Cupra Sport GTI , Wakefield, West Yorkshire

5. jaketalbot, metallic black, 2.0 8v cupra sport, Colchester, Essex

6. richard soame (soamer) silver 20.8v cupra, Telford shropshire

7. jamiepyrite, blue, 1.4 8 valve, Durham

8. C11PRA DC, Bengal Yellow, 2.0 8v GTi Cupra Sport, South Leicestershire

9. Hayz, I have the Seat Ibiza Cupra Gti 8v the AGG engine I believe, It's Yuca Green and I'm in portsmouth.

10. Dolly, 2L 16v Gti Cupra Sport... Orange (EDIT: copper)..Wolverhampton

11. Czechboy (Mig) - Petersfield (Hants) and Kingston (London) (EDIT: only marked Kingston upon thames on the map) - 2.0 16v in magic black

12. F1nn, 2.0 16v in copper, Middlesbrough

13. jcs356, White Ibiza GTi 2.0 8v, Guildford

14. Dave Cymru, 2.0 16v Cupra Sport, Kiwi Green, Bridgend - South Wales

15. Mickyggggg - Bengala Yellow - Mk2 Ibiza Cupra Sport 2.0 16V - Newcastle upon Tyne (EDIT: he forgot to PM me his location the first time LOL)

16. EssexIbiza1985, Mk2 1.4 8v, Norwich (Weekdays), Romford essex (Weekends), Metallic Silver.

17. Krishen, 2litre 8v cupra sport Gti (Agg), Birmingham/ Reading (student so equally split between the two) and colour is Bengal Yellow

18. seat ibiza 1.4i cls, black, peterborough in cambridgeshire (Omg i forgot to put the name on this one. If you know who you are, PM me.. :()

19. sionowz, Bengal Yellow - 2.0 8v GTi Cupra Sport, Cardiff

20. Ibiza_Liz ,1.4 8v, 3door, Silver, north wales

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Aug 15, 2006
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its difficult to make out the dots and locations, map needs to be huge me thinks? maybe make a link to click where we can go to super big map so its alot more clear?


Apr 12, 2007
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Isnt there something similar to this on the website?? Im sure you could get a map that you could zoom in/out of and get a pretty much pinpoint location of where you are. :confused:

Im sure I put my marker on it a month or 2 ago.
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