1. Any idea what this is?

    Hi, Was hoping for some help, anyone have any idea what this part is and what it connects to??
  2. moggy13

    Leon Cupra Mk2 '07 Passenger Headlight

    Hi all, I am after the LHF Xenon headlight for a 2007 Leon Cupra,. Any help would be great thanks in advance! Cheers
  3. once upon a time there was a VERY standard seat leon mk2 TDI..

    Recently bought a new MK2 very standard Leon due to both affordability as well as work related. Will be sharing the progress of this car as much as I can. I tend to do mods quickly so here goes! Car on first day of being bought -
  4. Central locking/key fob problems

    Hello all, I’ve just bought a 2009 1.4tsi leon. The remote fob won’t lock or unlock the car. I have to use the key manually. The red light flashes on my fob so there doesn’t seem to be issues with that. I’ve tried ‘synchronising’ the key according to the manual, no luck with that either. I’ve...
  5. SeatleonMK2FR

    Seat leon mk2 tweeter issue

    Hey! I’ve got a seat leon mk2 FR 2007. went to change tweeters in the door and they look like this.... (see picture) any advice on How to change them? The black rivets are where the bolts are supposed to be..I’m unsure how to change these to bolts or even how to remove them? Any help is appreciated
  6. Newbie with a Seat Leon Cupra Mk II

    Hi all! Only recently found this site - I have bought myself a Mk 2 cupra and its fantastic. Got a couple of issues and questions I hope I can get answered on here!
  7. Pedro.pete011

    Leon cupra Mk2 LSD, SMF and Clutch kit

    £1,600 (ONO) This kit is for a Seat Leon Cupra MK2 with a 02Q gearbox. This was purchased, but never fitted (or even taken out the box) due to personal circumstances. Its never going to be fitted so its here for sale. There is everything needed to upgrade the diff, flywheel and clutch...
  8. Dudelliot

    2.0tfsi start issue

    Hey. The last 6 month my car has been struggeling to turn over the first time of the Day. The rest of the Day is usually fine but just the first startup is weird. When i start it, it stays at around 500 rpm struggeling to get the rpms up. The after around 2 seconds Its back to normal. Any ideas...
  9. 2.0 TSI FR 210 Oil Consumption

    Currently, had this car for about 2 months and it seems to consume about 1 litre of oil every 700 miles. I have seen people saying 1 litre of oil per 1000km is fine, which converts to 621 miles, but some people have said 1 litre of oil per 1000 miles, so I wanted to know what anyone else with...
  10. new grille without licence plate holder

    Hey all, cant seem to find what im looking for so was wondering if anyone could offer some help? I own a 2011 FR Leon and ive seen people have a nice honeycomb lower grille and fog covers that does not have the strip along the top that the licence plate attaches too, my question is where would i...
  11. Key fob buttons stopped working when battery was disconnected

    Hi my battery was disconnected to fix something and connected again the key fob buttons stopped working. So now I have to put it in manually to lock the door and put the mirrors in. I looked at some forums how to resync it but nothing works does anyone know the proper way to do it. My spare key...
  12. 2007 Cupra head unit upgrade advice please

    Hi all. I've become ultra confused reading all the threads on which head unit will work with my cupra. I have a mk2 2007 with that gopping stock radio in it. I want to upgrade it to something better that will work with my steering wheel controls. Don't care much for satnav but wouldn't say no...
  13. MK3 Cupra

    MK3 Cupra Berkshire forum meet March 2020 - A lesson in the importance of cleaning your car before meets
  14. Jairms 400bhp MK2 Cupra

    Jairms 400bhp MK2 Cupra Berkshire forum meet March 2020
  15. Alor Blue MK3 Cupra

    Alor Blue MK3 Cupra Berkshire forum meet March 2020
  16. Yellow FR!!

    Yellow FR!! Berkshire forum meet March 2020
  17. Seat Toledo (purple)

    Seat Toledo (purple) Berkshire forum meet March 2020
  18. MK1 Cupra R

    MK1 Cupra R Berkshire forum meet March 2020
  19. Dudelliot

    Leon mk2 pfl cupra towbar

    Has anyone fitted a towbar on the cupra pfl? I Know i need to cut the bumper and thats not a problem but will it fit? Is there anyone who got a detachable towbar?
  20. 12v socket / input / cigarette lighter?!?!

    So basically my cigarette lighter socket is absolutely knackared so had to break it out.. I bought a 12v socket from eBay and the connections are completely different... the original socket had an actual connection block on the bottom, with three metal prongs, which the connection block just...
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