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  1. MK2 Facelift - revs question!

    Dont know if anyone would know, but when in idling in neutral, the engine wont rev above 2.5k. Is this due to a limiter, or a problem? I know you dont need to rev in neutral, but i was revving the engine due to a noise yesterday, and discovered i couldnt go above 2.5k. Thanks, Mark
  2. Rear no plate LED MK2 Cupra

    Can the Rear No. plate lights on MK2 Cupra be changed to LED's with a straight bulb swap? or do I need to do anything else?
  3. BAGZ

    mk2 leon & mk5 golf alloys

    hi i was wondering if any one could help me, i have mk5 golf alloys and i was wondering if any one new if they would fit a mk2 leon and what other cars would they fit? thanks:)
  4. Brummy

    Mk2 Exhaust issues

    Anyone ever come up with a permanant fix for this stupid idea of no support on the exhaust system where the catback/centre box join is? Im so fed up of the bloody thing working loose and dropping slightly and ending up blowing that ive come up with the idea of cutting an old section of exhaust...
  5. MomoMK2

    MK2 legal Side repeater bulb colour?

    MOT failed on side repeater bulb colour, halfords charts say white ones for r reg mk2, however i'm pretty sure the ones on currently would be classed as white (aftermarket repeaters), but i seem to remember the OEMs have an amber surround which would make them well... amber! someone clear...
  6. JamJay

    Mk1 Cupra R vs MK2 Cupra

    Hi all, I'll be honest with you, I know little about the MK2, the next generation engine (2.0T) or chassis so I hope you can help. I've been thinking long and hard about my next car or whether to keep my LCR and tune it hard but I haven't reached a decision, well not until now as the MK2...

    mk2 leon headlight bulbs

    I've been reading up on head / fog light posts during tonights very interestin ( not ) nightshift , ended up ordering phillips x-treme power H1 and H7 's with osram nightbreaker H3 's for my fogs . Was that wise ?
  8. My Leon MK2

    Hey, Just got the Roof, Spoiler, Rear Diffuser and the black plastics on the hood sprayed Glossy black, Let me know what you guys think, pics dont do it any justice tho :/ [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG]
  9. 6th.replicant

    LCR Mk2 - Autocar road-test

    Seem to like it, although they think the suspension setup is too stiff for UK road surfaces... http://www.autocar.co.uk/CarReviews/FirstDrives/Seat-Leon-2.0-TSI-265-Cupra-R/244162/
  10. Donnyboy

    Mk2 Leon Cupra - 2nd year service cost

    Been quoted £157 + £35 for the brake fluid change. What do they change in the service and is that a good price. 1st service was about £90 so don't see where the extra £67 is going!!?!?!:confused: Do they need to take the wheels off to do the fluid.... and how could I tell if it even gets done??
  11. dearly beloved

    Anyone used K&N inbox filter for Leon MK2?

    They say K&N filters are no good for the MAF sensor at Leons..is that true?
  12. ARB question Leon mk2

    Hi Damian, I have been looking into arb for my 2007 fr tdi which has factory xenons. H&R list 2 types one specifically for xenons and you list eibach which are cheaper but non specific. My question is what is the difference? Do eibachs fit differently to H&R, if not the why xenon specific...
  13. welly

    Welly's MK2 GTI try hard - gone but not forgotten

    This is how it looked when I bought it. There were a few rust spots, and generally it looked a bit of an ugly duckling :( But I could see its POTENTIAL
  14. Mk2 Leon door speaker upgrade from 6 1/2" to 8"

    It seems there are people that have installed 8" midbass drivers to doors instead of the stock 6.5". Like this: http://i44.servimg.com/u/f44/12/14/17/56/leon_c17.jpg Any one here done it and what kind of spacer did you add below the speaker? Also if you have sudgestion about a midbass...
  15. ibiza mk2 withdrawal symptoms

    ive sold me ibiza mk2 :( and i miss it :( wat now???
  16. ross27

    DIY Mk2 Vinyl Parts *Updated*

    Got a hold of a 5m x 1.2m roll of Gloss Black Vinyl. Plan is to do my roof and the front bumper. Went out tonight to do part of my bumper. Heres some photos of what i have done: Ended up doing my badge with the left over vinyl i had in the garage, i plan on...
  17. SA Polo

    MK2 vs MK3 strutbrace

    Does anyone know if the MK3 strutbrace will fit on the MK2? It looks like the same thing from pics ive seen. Part no for MK3 6K0071670
  18. ibizaboi

    Will mk3 skirts will fit my mk2?

    does anyone know if mk3 skirts will fit my mk2 as my local dealer cant get mk2 ones :( many thanks
  19. n0ble

    Leon MK2 FR Tdi Brake Fluid

    Im going to be changing the fluid on my leon soon, can anyone suggest some good fluid that i can use and where i can get it? Thanks Lee
  20. Mk2 Wheels

    Will a set of mk2 alloys fit on the mk1? I wouldnt have thought there would be any difference, mk5 golf alloys fir the nk4 so.....any ideas?
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