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  1. Wants turbo chatter on mk2 FR

    I'm trying to find out what westgate to get for my mk2 leon fr for turbo chatter but can't seem to find anyone that knows. Can anyone help with this?
  2. Need new ecu for mk2 16v cupra gti sport

    Well after 6 weeks of messing took to a garage car engine inbits machine plugged in and ecu says it's running at 4000rpm need help what ecu I'm looking for will a mk3 golf one fit or even a vr6 one please help
  3. Andrewcupra TDI

    mk2 ECOmotive range help please

    hi guys one of the boys in work is looking at the seat ecomotive ones for company car but theres two listed an ecomotive SE & an ecomotive SE tech is there any differences , went to seat and they just scratched their heads ummmmmmm from reading broachures it may be this start...
  4. F2 Ed

    mk2 meet

    Has there ever been a mk2 only meet? :confused: Would be cool to get a bunch of photos me thinks :clap:
  5. Donnyboy

    Mk2 Leon carpets - damp

    Has anyone lifted the carpets in the front of a mk2 Leon? Are there any pipes or holes under them? I'm getting damp carpets under the mats....but its like the water is coming up the way, as its only under the mats and I can't find any water around them. Its worse on the drivers side...
  6. abhardwaj1990

    Cordoba or Ibiza Mk3 rear door on Mk2 Ibiza? And polo bonnet.....

    Gave it a search, nothing popped up... Does anyone know if a Cordoba rear door will fit an Ibiza? Or even a Mk3 rear door? Cheers peeps :)
  7. GIAC stages for leon cupra mk2

    could someone please explain to me what stages giac have for the cupra. what mods are needed for each stage? i know revo has stage 1; 2 and 2+ but i cannot seem to find stages for giac....
  8. seat ibiza mk2 show cages

    are they easy to get hold of im wondering because i seen a few but nearly all of them are at silly prices and require work to them any opinions or know of ease getting them
  9. Anti-roll bar question mk2 leon cupra

    I've been reading about anti-roll bars and looking at what would be the best set up, but i've come across a few things thats confused me a little, The theory is on a front wheel drive car you need a stiffer rear anti-roll bar and a rwd car you need a stiffer front anti-roll bar (this theory...
  10. mk2 interior in a mk1?

    Hi guys, Has anyone put a interior from a MK2 Leon into a MK1? I take it that the fronts will be fine but does the rear bench seat fit? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  11. slim20vt

    Mk2 leon stereo help!

    Can some one help? I want to fit kenwood headunit (din) to a tfsi where can I buy the fascia kit to the the new headunit?? And does anyone no witch lead. Need to keep the buttons on the steering wheel working? Please help asap! If you have any pics I would love to see your headunit upgrades!
  12. mk2 leon fr suspension

    ok, so i know this has been done lots before, been searching through all the posts, but could really do with some definative advice and maybe some pics? got a set of 17" bbs co's for my fr, and need it lowered now. originally i was planning on 18's with eibach pro-kits; the 30mm ones, but now...
  13. delboyuk2005uk

    Seat leon tdi fr mk2 engine light come on help?

    Bit worried about this what can it be? Car seems to have loss of power from 3rd onwards. Like it's not letting all the power through. Does not seem to be the dpf as the light has nit come on. Is it safe to drive with this as I need to get home?
  14. Mk2 or mk1 tdi FR help

    Has anyone sold there mk1 4 the mk2 and why and is the mk2 worth the extra money, i have around £7000-£8000 to spend, should i buy a singing and dancing mk1 or bog standard mk2 ??? Thanks Dave
  15. gtikezz

    my mk2 seat ibiza gti

    some new piccys of my mk2 hope you like :D
  16. C11PRA DC

    DC's 8v mk2 Ibiza GTi Cupra Sport *Back on the road!*

    Hi all, I've owned my Ibiza for nearly 5 years now so thought I should do a thread to celebrate! It will take me a while to create but I might as well start at the beginning! I like to keep things looking and mechanically OEM which you'll see in the things I've done! Its a 99 mk2 8v GTi...
  17. Leon Cupra Mk2 Fuel Consumption

    Just wondered what other people's experience of fuel consumption on a Mk2 Leon Cupra was. Seat say 34.9mpg combined or there abouts but I've been getting closer to 23mpg. I do have a heavy foot though! Does this seem about right?
  18. suj

    Suj's Stanced MK2 Ibiza GTI Dub :D.....SHE'S GONEEEEE :( (Last Pics, pg29)

    ok i thought i should start a thread, had the car long enough :D ok i brought her back in December 2008 she was dropped about 100mm, got it from near Southampton here's how it sat when i got it was decent, had low mileage (74k) but needed bits and bobs doing, so haggled the price...
  19. DAZFR72

    pollen filter mk2 leon

    Hi Just seeking some help as to location for pollen filter on mk2 leon fr tdi, Need to change mine, Thanks
  20. IBIZA MK2 IMMOBILIZER..need advice :(

    Hello, I have a mk2 seat ibiza..its my pride and joy! I brought it over a year ago off a bloke who messed around with the immobilizer! The immobilizer chip was sat in my drivers glove box, and just the other day melted into a horrible mess. Now my car won't start! :( I have been to the scrap...
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