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  1. mk2 leon fr alloys

    hi, ordered some bbs for my fr, so thinking of selling my standard alloys, theyre the normal 17" ones, totaly unmarked, without tyres. going to put them on ebay, but there's no other sets for sale at the minute so not sure how much to put them up for?, anyone out there know roughly how much...
  2. Smallest alloys for Mk2 FR?

    Hi there guys, getting upset with the ride quality so thinking of putting on smaller wheels with bigger aspect ratio. Currently have 18" wheels with (I think) 225 40 R18s on. Was hoping to go to 195 65 R15s Would these clear the brake calipers? Car is totally standard. Yes I know...
  3. Nick G's Mk2 Leon FR TDi

    I picked it up Wed's but thought i'd add a couple of pics having cleaned it all afternoon! Need to get the wheels refurbed but still not sure on colour yet??
  4. evo2345

    Evo2345 Leon Mk2 FR550

    Having Recently part exchanged my Stage 2 Ibiza Mk4 for Mk2 Leon FR i thought i had better start a new readers ride so here goes: Specification Mk2 Leon FR 2.0 TDI FR550 9.5k on the clock K1 Full body kit with spoiler,skirts etc Lowered on Eibach Sportlines Optional 18inch Seat Alloys...
  5. mk2 leon rear spoiler

    hi i am thinking of doing a few mods to my 2007 tfsi leon I am looking for an approx cost and the best place to get the bits from. 1. A rear spoiler, cost of fitting and painting 2. side skirts, cost of fitting and painting Thanks in advance:D
  6. price and place to buy a black curpa mk2 grill

    Hi I would like to buy a mk2 leon 2008 black cupra grill for my FR. Any one know were I could buy one it will need to be posted to me so looking for mail order store, About how much and part number would be handy thankyou.
  7. WeeG

    Will leon fr 17" alloys mk2 fit on an ibiza mk4?

    Will leon fr mk2 17 inch alloys fit on an ibiza 1.2 mk4? ANy help appreciated!
  8. MK2 Leon rear wiper arm removal?

    Hi guys, in the last few weeks treated myself to an 11month old orange K1:D I've noticed the rear wiper is catching the paint on the boot in the park position, ie its traveling to far round. As the car is still under warranty, I'd guessed that my local dealer could sort this for me. Yes they...
  9. Mk2 Rollcage & Replacement Seats

    Has anyone fitted a rollcage to a Mk2 Ibiza? Got any advice. Also need two replacement front seats. What 2nd hand seats can I look at - Golf / Polo / Mk 3 Ibiza? Or has anyone fitted motorsport seats? Again got any advice.
  10. 17" team dynamics alloy wheels for mk2 leon

    As above, looking at a set of 17" pro race 1.2 black alloy wheels for a silver mk2 fr. anyone else got 17"aftermarket wheels?worried they might be a bit too small and look stupid, should i just hang on and get the 18's instead? also worried how 18's will effect the suspension, will it make it...
  11. Mk2 Leon Cupra brakes

    Hi there, It seems both Cupra and R versions share same brakes which acording catalog are: - Front: 345x30 - Rear: 286x12 Are these Brembo brakes? I have read somewhere but not sure about this... Regarding calipers, how many "pots" (pistons) on each? Front ones look huge! Thank...
  12. mk2 cupra exhaust on mk3?

    Been offerd a mk2 cupra backbox would it fit on my Mk3 1.4 ?? looks the same all the hangers are in the right place will i need a reducer pipe?? any idea of the size in mm ? cheers.
  13. owen lcr

    Candy MK2 cupra project

    After reading allens (DjHorace) thread i thought it was good to see how everyone has modified there cars and what experiences we have all had so here it goes. I went to test drive the cupra down in paisley one afternoon, arrived at the dealer to find out the demo was away for the day so...
  14. HuckingFell

    My Red mk2 Leon Cupra

    So after owning the car for about six months and the fact that I cleaned it properly for the first time at the weekend, thought it about time I put up some photos to see what you guys think. The cars a 57 plate currently with about 30.5k miles, I’ve put about 4k on since I’ve had it. It’s...
  15. KiwiCupra - DPJ's 8v Mk2 Ibiza

    Bought from another forum member July 08. A nice example, no rot.
  16. Mk2 Leon FR wiring loom

    Hi there, I am unlucky to have pranged my FR Tdi. Although the body has been fixed parts of the near side body loom is damaged and a couple of plugs missing which the auto-electrician says he needs else he don't know which wire will go where. It's taking a while to find the section of loom...
  17. Musty Pie

    Musty Pie's Mk2 Ibiza

    Its taken me a while to put some pics of mine up but after a little bit of sun and a clean and quick polish on Sunday here she is: Has a little bit of surface rust on the rear wheel arch, but the inner arch above the wheel is solid. Needs a few elec things sorted on it...
  18. Donnyboy

    Mk2 Leon Cupra engine cover

    I changed my air filter earlier after only 15K ....and it was pretty dirty. The book says its not due for about another 2 years or 40k!! Anyway, once I put the engine cover back on it felt like there was a bit of movement in it. I never noticed it when taking it of as I just started to tug...
  19. Cupra Kid

    Bigging up the MK2

    I know most of us come on here regarding problems with our beloved cars, so for once i'm not going to do that. I was sat in it coming home last night and I realised over the whole of the last 6 months of shite weather and freezing mornings not once has it refused to open or start and neither has...
  20. hon_n_gem

    Unmarked MK2 Cupra Police car

    Black on a 59 plate (first FL Cupra I have seen), pulling over a BMW. In the Kent area, near bluewater at the time...so be aware!
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