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  1. Leon FR TDI 184 brakes

    Hi, i found a brake setup, 340mm from a leon cupra 1p mk2 Does anyone know if they are a direct fit into the mk3 ? Thanks
  2. Vcds mods on mk2 leon?

    Ive a mk 2 leon and was wondering what mods on vagcom vcds I can do? Thanks
  3. No power to mirrors?

    Hi. Sorry if this has been asked before, I could not find anything specific to my problem. My mirrors are stuck in the folded in position. The controls in the car don’t work, neither does the keyfob or door lock. I’ve tried disconnecting battery but no luck. The mirrors don’t heat up but I’m...
  4. Car warms up, trouble starts, please help!! Too many issues

    Seat leon 2009 1.6L 5 speed manual I am a newbie when it comes to seat cars, I bought the car last week which seemed fine to me at first, then I noticed that when I drive for like half an hour and the car is properly warmed up, the idling gets rough, engine starts shaking and the rpm goes up...
  5. Has my car got a dpf?

    Hi was wondering if my 2009 mk2 Leon has a dpf. It’s a 1.9 tdi? Want to get the car straight piped would it be a good idea or would it have dpf problems then?
  6. Cupra_Chris

    Cupra_Chris' Leon Cupra v2

    So it has been a while since I was on the forum actively. I had a cupra mk2 a few years back and have had a fair few different cars since. But I kept missing my cupra after every car I looked at it was always missing something. So after a fair few months of searching for the right one I found...
  7. MK2 Aux Potential

    Hi I have a 2007 (57 Plate) Seat Leon, I'm trying to work out how to be able to play music through an aux output. The radio itself doesn't have an aux output, but does have a 'CD/AUX' button. There is an aux cable coming out of the glovebox and a micro-usb port (i think), but this does not work...
  8. Leon Workshop Manuals Mk1 & Mk2

    Hi all, Sorry if I've posted in the wrong place as not strictly a guide, but thought I'd share a link to some workshop manuals I found online. I had a bit of a search and couldn't find this anywhere, so thought I'd post a link in here in case they are of use. Sorry if this is a duplicate post...
  9. Seat Leon mk2 Electrical Help!!

    Hi guys, Our Seat Leon 1.9tdi's parking sensors stopped working recently along with the reversing light and the dash light dimmer switch. we replaced the reversing bulb however fuse 4 blew the second we tried the ignition. we begun unlinking the components linked to that fuse one by one...
  10. Performance exhaust ideas please help

    hi I drive a mk2 Leon fr 194 bhp, I’m looking to fit a performance exhaust system. Don’t really know where to start!... I’m not looking to annoy the neighbors just want it to sound better, a few pops and bangs wouldn’t go a miss either! Any advice would be Appreciated
  11. 1.9TDI Leon (2006) Warm Weather Start Problem

    Hello everyone, I own a 2006 Seat Leon 1P1 Mk.2 1.9TDI. Since the weather has warmed up, I have been experiencing increasingly more frequent starting issues. In the early Spring, the engine would start cold, every time, without issue. After a drive, it would start but after several attempts. As...
  12. saveoursouls

    MK2 Leon 1.9 TDI 2007

    Recently purchased a Leon, I’ve wanted a project car for a long time and the Leon has the right mix of practicality and looks. Bought as stock, idea was to invest in an unmodified car initially and build it up over time. Car has full service history, 112k miles, no major issues. Paid £2050 after...
  13. Changing indicator bulbs?

    So I've just bought a lovely speed blue 62reg supercopa with 52k on the clock . I'm working my way through tinkering with the mods and such already and first thing I bought was a debadged honeycomb mesh grille to match everything else. I've bought some chrome front indicator bulbs to tidy up...
  14. Dean Saunders

    Headlight Washer Cover Supercopa

    Hi all, My O/S headlight washer cover has fallen off my 62 plate Leon Supercopa and I’m having a hard time trying to get the correct replacement, Seat have sent the wrong one twice. Desperately need help, does anyone know the correct part no.?
  15. Mk2 Leon BTCC Chassis - For Sale on eBay

    Just for interest, there's a Mk2 Leon BTCC Chassis for sale on ebay. Apparently it's a brand-new unused chassis, prep'd by Seat Sport. But is minus an engine etc. Reserve is only @ £8k, although I reckon it will go for a lot more.
  16. *RARE* Mk2 16v For Sale

    Has anyone seen the Mk2 Ibiza 16v on PH that's for sale for £4950..... :lol: Apparently it's got 91k on the clock, but is worth the £5k, because it's *RARE* I would only pay £1500 for it to be honest !
  17. Moley RUFC

    Octavia vRS mk2 - Eibach or H & R

    Hi Damian, I am just about to order a Octavia vRS 2.0 diesel. I was going to spec the Eibach 30mm springs for my vRS but having seen a car with them on they didn’t look low enough for me. The Skoda brouchure states a drop of 20mm for the vRS on the Eibach (E10-79-004-02-22) as the vRS is...
  18. Wants turbo chatter on mk2 FR

    I'm trying to find out what westgate to get for my mk2 leon fr for turbo chatter but can't seem to find anyone that knows. Can anyone help with this?
  19. Need new ecu for mk2 16v cupra gti sport

    Well after 6 weeks of messing took to a garage car engine inbits machine plugged in and ecu says it's running at 4000rpm need help what ecu I'm looking for will a mk3 golf one fit or even a vr6 one please help
  20. Andrewcupra TDI

    mk2 ECOmotive range help please

    hi guys one of the boys in work is looking at the seat ecomotive ones for company car but theres two listed an ecomotive SE & an ecomotive SE tech is there any differences , went to seat and they just scratched their heads ummmmmmm from reading broachures it may be this start...
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