1. Dudelliot

    2.0tfsi cupra - 08 noise at low speed

    Having a noise sounding like grinding or scratching. The car only makes the noise when after startup i drive it and at a certain speed it gives this noise once. After that nothing more until i stop the car and turn it of and back on again and start drivning. Dosnt happen if i just stop the car...
  2. How to upgrade to a double din radio

    Hi all, I’ve a 2009 mk2 Leon pre facelift very basic model Was looking to upgrade to a double din that’ll allow use with apple play. What radio, fascia and wiring looms do I need, have multifunctional steering wheel and want to be able to use it to control the radio Thanks
  3. Ataytay

    Android head unit

    I recently purchased a mk2 leon fr (59) plate, it has had a double din pumpkin head unit installed by the previous owner. I was just having a few problems with it and was wondering if anybody on here has had any similar problems with a head unit. When I first got the car the head unit was...
  4. Dobbo

    Cannot find leak for rear foot well wetness

    Hi guys, so i have found that my rear driver side footwell is wet. I did so searching and found a few problems it could have been. And it is none of them (few listed below) Rear washer leak in boot. Rear washer leak in rear driver trim. Door seals. Door card. If anyone has any idea of what it...
  5. Window issue

    I have a 2010 seat leon, the nearside rear window goes down sometimes when I start the car, so far I have put a window regulator and a driver side four way switch which hasn’t had any effect. The window won’t go down from the drivers side switch, it only goes down from rear window switch. Any...
  6. When does stock air intake become restrictive?

    Greetings, until how much HP does the stock air intake on the Cupra MK2 become restrictive? Can it handle [email protected] crank without having to go for some aftermarket ones?
  7. Xenon power units constantly burning out(water leak)

    Greetings, my xenon power units are constantly failing, to be exact,water is somehow getting in,whenever I pull them out,there is a burnt plastic smell and plenty of water comes out. Is there something that goes over them to prevent water getting in? I see they have some rubber gasket that goes...
  8. Dobbo

    Seat Leon FR MK2 rear driver carpet wet

    Hi guys, first post. Ive been having problems recently with the interior of my car smelling fumey. Was unsure of what it was so i jumped on the forums and started reading. Found a few things it could have been but it wasnt. I have now found the rear driver side carpet is wet when cleaning my...
  9. Oil temp on MFD?

    Greetings, is there a way to check your oil temp or pressure, either by some app or somehow on MFD, would be really cool to see your normal oil temp difference while crusing and flooring it.
  10. Dudelliot

    Leon mk2 cupra badge (pre facelift)

    Hey. Seen a lot of Pictures of The leon mk3 with cupra badge instead of the "S" (seat badge). Also Seen a few facelift mk2 with the same badge. Is there anyone with the files to print badge for the pre facelift. Borrowed Picture
  11. Cupra vs Cupra R(+suggestions)

    Greetings, I was not able to find too much info about this on Google so I am posting here. I saw some threads about similar topics buy in them, only mentions are about the exterior. So I am wondering, if anyone knows, what are the engine differences on Cupra MK2 and on Cupra R MK2? I thought...
  12. Leon FR TDI 184 brakes

    Hi, i found a brake setup, 340mm from a leon cupra 1p mk2 Does anyone know if they are a direct fit into the mk3 ? Thanks
  13. Vcds mods on mk2 leon?

    Ive a mk 2 leon and was wondering what mods on vagcom vcds I can do? Thanks
  14. No power to mirrors?

    Hi. Sorry if this has been asked before, I could not find anything specific to my problem. My mirrors are stuck in the folded in position. The controls in the car don’t work, neither does the keyfob or door lock. I’ve tried disconnecting battery but no luck. The mirrors don’t heat up but I’m...
  15. Car warms up, trouble starts, please help!! Too many issues

    Seat leon 2009 1.6L 5 speed manual I am a newbie when it comes to seat cars, I bought the car last week which seemed fine to me at first, then I noticed that when I drive for like half an hour and the car is properly warmed up, the idling gets rough, engine starts shaking and the rpm goes up...
  16. Has my car got a dpf?

    Hi was wondering if my 2009 mk2 Leon has a dpf. It’s a 1.9 tdi? Want to get the car straight piped would it be a good idea or would it have dpf problems then?
  17. Cupra_Chris

    Cupra_Chris' Leon Cupra v2

    So it has been a while since I was on the forum actively. I had a cupra mk2 a few years back and have had a fair few different cars since. But I kept missing my cupra after every car I looked at it was always missing something. So after a fair few months of searching for the right one I found...
  18. MK2 Aux Potential

    Hi I have a 2007 (57 Plate) Seat Leon, I'm trying to work out how to be able to play music through an aux output. The radio itself doesn't have an aux output, but does have a 'CD/AUX' button. There is an aux cable coming out of the glovebox and a micro-usb port (i think), but this does not work...
  19. Leon Workshop Manuals Mk1 & Mk2

    Hi all, Sorry if I've posted in the wrong place as not strictly a guide, but thought I'd share a link to some workshop manuals I found online. I had a bit of a search and couldn't find this anywhere, so thought I'd post a link in here in case they are of use. Sorry if this is a duplicate post...
  20. Seat Leon mk2 Electrical Help!!

    Hi guys, Our Seat Leon 1.9tdi's parking sensors stopped working recently along with the reversing light and the dash light dimmer switch. we replaced the reversing bulb however fuse 4 blew the second we tried the ignition. we begun unlinking the components linked to that fuse one by one...
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