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Changing indicator bulbs?


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Apr 25, 2018
So I've just bought a lovely speed blue 62reg supercopa with 52k on the clock .

I'm working my way through tinkering with the mods and such already and first thing I bought was a debadged honeycomb mesh grille to match everything else.

I've bought some chrome front indicator bulbs to tidy up the front end and get rid of that orange look on the headlights .
After having a quick look I realised there doesn't seem to be a way of getting to them (hid Xenons in the way)

Do the headlights have to be removed just to change the bulbs or can it not be done?

Also any good DRLs knocking about these days. Most threads I've read seem quite old. I've been looking at the osram ones but I dont think they're CANbus compatible

Cheers guys, I'll be starting my own thread once I can upload pictures
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