1. Suspension arms 6J Remove and re-fit front suspension

    I had some issues finding help on this when I was doing it so I took the time to photograph what I did to write this guide and hopefully help others who attempt it. Disclaimer: I am not a professional mechanic, just a enthusiast who likes to have a go myself. Follow this advice at your own...
  2. Seat Leon MK3 FR 2013 replacing OEM Front parking sensors

    Hello I have been struggling to find any relevant info on replacing front parking sensors for Leon. My front parking sensor aren't working and when connecting to the computer it shows that my front middle left parking sensor seems to be faulty. I want to replace it my self as it seems like a...
  3. Aftermarket front sensors?

    Hello, My car came with only the rear parking sensors and no camera and no OPS button, is it possible to buy aftermarket non OEM front sensors and connect them to the control unit of the rear sensors, assuming they all connect to the same control unit? Would i get the display showing the front...
  4. Seat Leon cupra ccm problem / passenger door lock please help

    Hi everyone! So after a lot of time spent scratching my head searching forums I have come to the conclusion I am totally stuck! So I have recently brought a cheap seat Leon mk1 cupra the 180bhp 2000 model. As it was cheap I was aware of a few issues most are taken care of now only one left...
  5. Changing indicator bulbs?

    So I've just bought a lovely speed blue 62reg supercopa with 52k on the clock . I'm working my way through tinkering with the mods and such already and first thing I bought was a debadged honeycomb mesh grille to match everything else. I've bought some chrome front indicator bulbs to tidy up...
  6. chuckb

    Front bumper on Bocanegra Technical question

    Ok this is to those in the know I have had the Boc for 3 months now. When it was 4 weeks old parked up at local Sports Centre took sprog swimming. Coming out chap in an a class was parked in front of me and he was looking nervous to say the least. Pinged me hurried up jumped in his postman pat...
  7. hudson82

    universal front mount intercooler vs forge

    hello, ive found a universal front mount intercooler for £100 stating its for vw/audi and seat and good for upto 370bhp......was just wondering what would make it worth while paying the extra £600ish more for the forge one other than the quality. cheers
  8. mk1 cupra front bumper fitment?

    i currently have a 2001 leon cupra but am looking to fit the facelift cupra R front bumper and want to know if this would be a direct fitment/ replacement? Any help would be greatly appreciated
  9. Front Wing

    Am I right in thinking that the front wing will fit from any Mk3? Not cupra specific is it? A standard wing will fit?
  10. SCupra

    Leon Mk1 Front speaker help

    Hi My front left door speaker seemed to have stopped working, the tweeter still works and when I took the door card off and gave the door speaker a little push on the cone I got some sound but only treble no base:( Does it sound like its blown:confused: I do like the standard speakers...
  11. Changing front wheel bearing

    Hi everyone Needing to change as it has gone how hard is it to change and do i need any special tool at all Thank craig
  12. Zeap101

    Leak in front passanger footwell!

    Dudes Just took reciept of my 55 plate Leon FR plus - it's awsone. Cupra R looks wit TDI running costs. I'm after some advice. I noticed the rear wash water jet wasn't working. After inspection I found it to be disconnected near the water bottle. Fine, I though. Re attach and...
  13. Cal91

    How to replace front grill.

    How do you replace the front bumper, lower, centre grill on a facelift Ibiza? I have cracked mine and I was wondering how you replace them. :shrug:
  14. ibiza mk5 front wishone rear bushes

    Hello, the rear wishbone bushes on my 1.6 cr are shagged after only 6500 miles. Is this a common fault, has anyone else had the same experience? does anyone know if the solid bushes from the mk1 leon cupra fit the mk5 ibiza wishbone.
  15. Cal91

    Front bumper grill.

    So I hit 3 birds (pheasants?) all at once the other night. Hit them at around 65mph, at night. Dreaded the moment I looked at the bumper... but its not too bad. Anyway, I have cracked the bottom centre grill. My car is a Formula Sport, now what grill is this? Just a normal Facelift grill or...
  16. fuzzy232

    lcr front splitter

    Hi , may of been asked before but I was wondering where I can get a lcr front splitter ? and what needs to be done and what ways is there of fitting one ?
  17. D.K

    Front ARB price

    What's your best price for a front ARB for Mk1 Leon Cupra R ? I'v got a Nuespeed adjustable 28mm rear ARB so I was thinking 25mm on the front ?
  18. cuprakemp

    How to get the front grill out on the cupra k1

    As above looking to paint the s in the grill black any one no how to get the grill out thanks:)
  19. Btcc front bumper fog lights and front s grill

    Hi guys was just wondering if the front fog lights of a normal cupra will fit on the btcc front bumper, also i need to know if the 's' grill is the same on all mk2 leons cheers
  20. TerrificToledo

    1.9 TDI Front Mount Intercooler

    Hey guys, I've heard plenty of stories about why not to get FM intercoolers etc.... But i'm still going ahead with it lol I'm having a bit of trouble though, the standard intercooler has got the sensor plugged into it, so i was wondering what part i'd need for that same connector to plug...
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