1. Jasonlee28

    Could someone help me please? Would be very grateful?

    Hi everyone, I’m having difficulty finding a debaged honeycomb grille for my seat Leon, it’s a 62 plate supercopa, everyone single one I’ve clicked online says it doesn’t fit, could someone point me in the right direction? Thank you guys, jason.
  2. Exhaust sound

    Hi, I am thinking of trying to get some noise on my Leon Supercopa 170, I'm finding it hard to know what i need to do to my exhaust in order to achieve a good sound. Do i need a dpf delete? Does the exhaust need to be straight through? At the moment the car is extremely quiet! I have seen the...
  3. Leon FR Supercopa - glow plug light

    Hi guys! New to this site... Need a little advice please. First of all, I know that the glow plug flashing light means your DPF needs a re-gen (I’ve had a few cars with this). However, I’ve now done FOUR re-gens and all seems fine until I re-start a couple of days later and the light is...
  4. Supercopa Rear Disc size

    Hi all, My other half has a Leon Supercopa 2012, can someone confirm the rear disc size as I seem to have conflicting sizes. Some people are saying it should have a 282 diameter disc and 12mm, the discs on it are definately 255mm and 10mm. If another Supercopa owner could confirm what should...
  5. Goodst4r

    Please help!!

    Recently brought a mk2 2012 Leon supercopa 2.0 diesel, had the car for about a month and a flashing coil light appeared on the dash. This happen once then didn’t see it again for about another 800 miles It’s now back and on every time I use the car but I don’t seem to have any power lose like...
  6. Changing indicator bulbs?

    So I've just bought a lovely speed blue 62reg supercopa with 52k on the clock . I'm working my way through tinkering with the mods and such already and first thing I bought was a debadged honeycomb mesh grille to match everything else. I've bought some chrome front indicator bulbs to tidy up...
  7. Porscheboxster

    Leon Mk1 Supercopa

    Hi All, A newbie to the forum so bear with me and please ignore the username! Looking for a MK1 supercopa wing. My son's doing a BEng at the University of Bolton Motorsports centre and has taken on a 'project'. We're trying to source the original MK1 Supercopa wing... Any suggestions please...
  8. Dean Saunders

    Headlight Washer Cover Supercopa

    Hi all, My O/S headlight washer cover has fallen off my 62 plate Leon Supercopa and I’m having a hard time trying to get the correct replacement, Seat have sent the wrong one twice. Desperately need help, does anyone know the correct part no.?
  9. Few pics of my Supercopa before it goes!

    Hopefully my Mk1 Supercopa will be leaving me this weekend after 2 happy years of ownership. Taking a westfield in part exchange as a consolation while i finish building my other racecar. I know some of you on here have seen it already but enjoy the pics. :D Russ
  10. Supercopa racecar

    This is my supercopa racecar. specs: Chassis type : steel monocoque, welded roll-cage Aerodynamics: full aerodynamic package including front splitter, flat bottem rear diffuser and adjustable rear wing Engine : - layout : front transversally mounted - type : 4 cylinder – 16 Valve...
  11. robdf2

    Supercopa part numbers and manual anyone?

    Looky what i have found : only problem is you need to own supercopa to order parts :(
  12. Leon Supercopa rear spoiler

    I would like to buy this spoiler but I don't succeed in finding it. Do you help me to find a website? thanks
  13. ZBOYD

    Feedback - SEAT Leon Supercopa UK need your help!

    I spoke last week with Andrew Crighton who is the lead organiser for what is hopefully the upcoming 2009 SEAT Leon Supercopa UK. Info here if you missed the news - Andrew is very keen to involve SCN and its...
  14. ZBOYD

    SEAT Leon Supercopa Challenge 2009 UK

    SEAT racing teams aim for a return to UK circuits in 2009 Developments for the progression of the SEAT Leon Supercopa Challenge 2009 took a major step forward today as SEAT Sport Spain announced the appointment of a parts and technical partner in the UK. Read more at
  15. considering supercopa

    Hi there I have been looking into buying a race car and have decided that a seat cupra championship car offers great value for money. However I am on a shoestring budget and realistically I don't think I could afford to run the car in the cupra championship. Therefore could anyone tell me...
  16. ZBOYD

    Liam McMillan will contest Supercopa & Eurocup with Triple R

    Triple R, a part of Special Tuning UK Ltd, will run up to four cars in the SEAT Leon Supercopa and SEAT Leon EuroCup next season, with Tom Boardman, Neil Waterworth and Liam McMillan already confirmed as team drivers. All four SEAT Leons will be built to the new European 2008 specification...
  17. tommmineh

    Supercopa for sale

    Don't have a clue if I'm anywhere near the right section but....
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