1. smiddy55

    seat leon 55 fr TFSI

    Hi and thank you for allowing myself to join this site. I could do with some advise on a couple of issues if that's cool. First, I have been told by a garage that my front off-side indicator isn't working due to the headlight unit catching the wires and they have come across this problem...
  2. Changing indicator bulbs?

    So I've just bought a lovely speed blue 62reg supercopa with 52k on the clock . I'm working my way through tinkering with the mods and such already and first thing I bought was a debadged honeycomb mesh grille to match everything else. I've bought some chrome front indicator bulbs to tidy up...
  3. shox

    Disabled dashboard indicator lights

    Today i realized that some indicator lights i have on the dashboard has never been on. (for example, the open door indicator, lights indicator etc). Does anyone know if they come disabled, or is there some broken fuse? ibiza MK4, 1.4 Sport. thanks!
  4. daboy3000

    Side Indicator removal

    Whats the best technique to do this, want to change the bulbs to remove the orange but remember snapping these on other cars in the past. I know its something like pushing them to one side and then pulling the other but which way round is it?
  5. Indicator 'Ticking'

    Hi All, Has anyone else had the problem where when the indicators cancle that the 'ticking' continues? I am just wondering what is the most likely cause or what needs to be replaced to stop this from happening. Thanks Marvin
  6. indicator flashing quick

    Morning everyone I have just got my car back from Seat after they fixed a leak in the bulkhead. They removed the dash to seal etc and replaced everything This morning whilst driving i noticed that that my drivers side indicators flash really quick but the passanger side is normal. Would...
  7. itsmefishy

    Removing Indicator repeaters

    Is there an easy way to remove the indicator repeators? i want to replace mine. Cheers chaps, fish
  8. gezmeister

    Silver indicator bulbs

    Quick question as it's pissing down with rain and i can''t get outside Am i right in saying that the front indicators are offset pins and the rear are normal?
  9. Indicator Issue

    Have out this originally in worng area (SORRY!) Indicator Issue -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Have looked through here and found some answers but this problem I seem not to find an answer - Let me explain I originally had a problem...
  10. My Seat - indicator problem

    Hi, Cant figure out how to post a new thread in the right section apart from here. So thaught I would give this a go. I have a 2001 seat Ibiza cupra, the other day a problem with the indicator started happening. Basically when the indicator is on it clicks fine, when i turn it off it just...
  11. Veyron

    LED Indicator Bulbs

    Hi, i was just wondering if anyone else has put these in their car because i want to know how they look? Thanks
  12. Resetting Service Indicator

    Is there a way to do this or should I not be worried :confused: Have done a quick search but no joy Annoyingly due to the KM vs Miles thing mine is now showing it is due a service some 1,900 miles early.....I can imagine by the time I get to 50K miles it will show as something like 6K...
  13. Front Passenger door problems + Indicator Problem

    Hi All, I've got a few problems with my front passenger door; 1. When i set off the autolock kicks in but the lock bounces back up (very annoying in traffic). 2. When i open the passenger door the interior light won't come on and neither will the light at the bottom of the door ( i...
  14. Service Indicator Reset

    Hi I have the cheapy version of VAG COM and cable. Just wondering how I turn off the service indicator using it??? Which section do I need to be in to turn the service indicator off? Cheers in advance Mike
  15. Service indicator

    Hi can anyone tell me how to reset the sevice indicator on my 54 plate 1.9 tdi
  16. replace front indicator bulb-help

    Hi I need to replace the front indicator bulb on my Alhambra (yr '97). I can't work out how to get to it:shrug:, any advise from anyone?:blink:
  17. Lcr indicator relay

    hi guys,when using my indicators,once i haveturned and knocked them off i can still hear the relay clicking fast behind the dash?is this a common fault?and is it possible to get to the relay and replace if its sticking? Can anyone help???
  18. Resetting Service Indicator Using Vag-Com?

    can you please explain to me how am i doing the same action in the VAG COM i understand how with the buttens but with the vag com it will be esiar i think.
  19. LED brake & indicator bulbs for Seat Leon?

    Had my Leon FR (facelift) jsut a over a couple of weeks now and looking already into little tweaks for it.. I read thread before about the LED side lights that actually work. However Im interested in adding LED Bulbs as brake / indicator bulbs, but unsure if they would work or if i would get...
  20. Service indicator

    Quick question! When i bought my car on 89k it had been 10k miles since the last service I.E it was due one. The owner said it had been done, but he did it and just didnt stamp/write in the book. When i got it the oil was completely golden so i would have to sort of agree that it looks as...
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