1. Calum98

    Water in LED Headlights (DRL not working)

    Good morning, I have a Leon 2016 Technology FR with LED lights. I've noticed before condensation forming inside of my headlights, nothing too major though until the other night during some bad flooding, both headlights had water inside and my front right headlight stopped working completeley...
  2. nightflight

    Lighting Mk5 Ibiza Bulb List

    Information originally compiled by ibizasc-chris (my notes in red) (Alt. bulb code in blue) extract from the manual. Double Headlamps: Bocanegra / Cupra / FR / Sport / SE / Ecomotive Dipped beam - H7 Long Life How To: Guide Main Beam - H7 Sidelights - 2x W5W Long Life 501 How To: Guide...
  3. Single headlights to double upgrade question

    Hello everyone, This is my first post here, I think, so please let me know if I had to submit this thread somewhere else... I own Ibiza 6J 1.6TDI from 2015 with what I believe is basic kit (Reference), including single headlights that use H4 bulb. I had a small accident ~2 weeks ago in which...
  4. Location of auto leveling sensor

    Hi all this is my first post. Hope all are well. I have a MK3 seat Leon (2013) with tech pack led lights. The lights have been fine but recently they are far to low on dipped beam. I have tried the usual of adjusting the screws to raise the lights but it seems to make no difference. To give...
  5. thecalstanley

    Headlight Range Control Error

    Hi All, Had a warning pop up this morning saying "Error: Headlight Range Control" followed by the yellow triangle at the bottom of the display. Managed to solve the issue by turning the car off and back on again. This allowed the lights to level again and all was fine. Came back out from...
  6. Changing indicator bulbs?

    So I've just bought a lovely speed blue 62reg supercopa with 52k on the clock . I'm working my way through tinkering with the mods and such already and first thing I bought was a debadged honeycomb mesh grille to match everything else. I've bought some chrome front indicator bulbs to tidy up...
  7. Dean Saunders

    Headlight Washer Cover Supercopa

    Hi all, My O/S headlight washer cover has fallen off my 62 plate Leon Supercopa and I’m having a hard time trying to get the correct replacement, Seat have sent the wrong one twice. Desperately need help, does anyone know the correct part no.?
  8. joesmad4it

    Headlight adjust motor problem

    I have noticed my headlight adjuster motor doesn't seem to work and the dipped beams are too low. Looked in the manual and can't find a fuse for it so assume it's something bigger. Any help on how to adjust it manually (I read some White Philip headed screws can do it?') or hoe I can fix motor...
  9. Wobbly and bouncing headlight

    Upon cleaning the car i noticed my front passenger headlight was wobbly! i removed the wheel arch liner to get a good look and could not see any possible places where it could attach to the front bumper (aero), my drivers side is as steady as a rock! When driving also, i can see the light...
  10. DJ_Eatch

    Headlight question

    Hi, If "somebody" :whistle: made the mistake of not chosing bi-xenon headlights when they ordered their car, is it possible to fit them when the car arrives? Or is it a factory fit only? if not, should i just get some LEDs instead? Cheers
  11. RachIbiza

    quick headlight question

    hey ho! cant be bothered to search as i need a quick answer for a quick reply to someone :D i bought a headlight off ebay and the seller (seems to be a breakers yard) advertised it for 02-06 ibizas, so mine being an 04 i won the bidding and was awaiting its arrival and now he has emailed me...
  12. FAST AL

    Headlight misting.

    :shrug:As above.Anyone know why this is happening to both my headlights.? Fairly heavy condensation too.
  13. Dan_T

    my new headlight protecters

    did this today think it looks good let me know what you guy think cheers Dan
  14. BoomhaueR

    Tint film headlights

    I've had a search but could not find anything specific. Has anyone tinted their headlights with film, like lamin-x or FlyEyes? I've seen some pics on other cars but not a mk1 Leon and I was thinking of doing mine but not sure what to get.
  15. Headlight lens removal/replacement

    The lenses on my V5 1999 Toledo are scratched and cloudy (part of the advisory notice on my MOT). There seems to be very mixed messages out there about how sucessful this lens cleaning kits are so I'm wary of going down that route but can't seem to find a supplier of lenses. Please dont say i...
  16. Headlight upgrade

    Hi everyone I'm looking to upgrade my headlights but have searched for hours looking at different bulbs and i'm wondering whats the best bulbs to go for. I want maximum light output but dont want the hassle of installing HIDs . Any help appreciated
  17. Headlight adjustment for driving on the right

    Is there an easy way to adjust the headlights for a trip to france in a couple of weeks? I'd prefer not to put the stickers on the headlights and I'm sure there must be a way to do it with the lights themselves. Does anyone have experience of this and how do you go about doing it? thanks...
  18. TFSI headlight upgrade ??

    Hello all, im a newbie to the site and a new (to me) Seat Leon owner. Ive got a '06 55 2.0 TSFI Sport in Dark Grey Met. i sold my previous car, Mini Cooper S, to get this one. The problem i have is the headlights. Coming from the Mini with xenon headlights to the Seat without, im finding i miss...
  19. Replaced headlight bulb still not working - Ibiza 1.9 2006

    I'm not really mechanically minded but would like to learn a little and with the help of a friend replaced a dodgy headlight bulb with a new one and still not working. Passenger side. :wtf: Visually the old one looks damaged new one as you would expect visually no defects. Not sure if it is...
  20. strange headlight issue

    My sister's 2007 ibiza tdi DAB had its first MOT done yesterday morning, and it's failed on the headlights. apparently, the lights are dipping to the right instead of the left. the tester couldnt see the adjusters to sort it, and the dealers were closed, so he couldn't pass the car due to the...
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