1. Sean McNally

    Led Perf DRL’s for the SE 1.6TDI

    Just throwing some pics up of the difference in the LED DRL upgrade from ledperf, makes a nice difference to the look of the car the normal lights are just too yellow for me led’s look sharp! Now to get some nicer main beam bulbs to match
  2. Changing indicator bulbs?

    So I've just bought a lovely speed blue 62reg supercopa with 52k on the clock . I'm working my way through tinkering with the mods and such already and first thing I bought was a debadged honeycomb mesh grille to match everything else. I've bought some chrome front indicator bulbs to tidy up...
  3. Moley RUFC

    Facelift Xenon DRL

    Had intially deleted this as I thought I had found the answer but sadly not. Does anyone have any information on what the daytime running lights look like on the new Leon?
  4. should I get some day time running lights fitted ?

    Hi everyone:) I've been thinking lately about whether or not I should get some day time running lights fitted to my car. Has anyone on here who has already done it and where do you guys think the best place to mount them would be? Thank you, Jonny:):)
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