1. Syphon

    SEAT Leon CUPRA R (MK3) Video review and driving impressions

    Syphon submitted a new article SEAT Leon CUPRA R (MK3) Video review and driving impressions Continue reading the full article
  2. 6th.replicant

    LCR Mk2 - Autocar road-test

    Seem to like it, although they think the suspension setup is too stiff for UK road surfaces...
  3. Logan 5

    Altea FR 12v Socket Issue / Roadtest

    I replaced my LCR with an Altea FR several weeks ago. One of the reasons for this was because I do loads of outdoor activities and the LCR had became unsuitable. With the low clearence I was always having to abandon it, plus I was starting to need more space for my gear. So here goes then the...
  4. G888

    Roadtest reviews???

    Hi Another post got me thinking, has anyone got any magazine reviews that have been scanned to there computer, or any internet reviews from other sites for the Leon Cupra, would love to read them!!!! Ive found a couple, one of honest john and top gear has some aswell, but thats all i can...
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