1. Lcr brembo calliper dust seal

    Has anyone replaced a calliper piston dust seal on a brembo calliper if so how tricky is it I have one that's split and as I'm fitting new disc and pads thought I change it. Cheers guys
  2. nick9one1

    door seal replacement

    I've been having the usual problems with my door skins leaking. Last week I tried some silicone sealant, it worked well on the passenger side but not so well on the drivers. Looking at alternatives, 1. OE skin seal from a dealer (unknown price) 2. Reseal with silicone 3. Using a...
  3. alex 80

    bonnet seal? power cable fitment?

    couple of questions for you knowledgeable lot 1. where do you get the bonnet seals that alot have you all fitted to the inside of your bonnet at the front?? how much? 2. where have you run your power cables through for your amps in the boot can't seem to see any gromets that mine might go...
  4. tandem pump seal failed 2006 leon fr tdi

    On my last service it was pulled up that the inner seal on the tandem pump was letting oil into the fuel filter. The garage that carried out the service quoted 115 pounds to replace the seal, where as the local seat deal has said that seal cannot be replaced and that a new pump is require at...
  5. MrBen2k7

    Rear door seal came away!

    Hi :(, Big problem, I think.... I was driving on the motorway then all of a sudden I can hear wind coming in through one of the doors. Pulled over, and this has happened... How do I fix this, as the door won't shut properly.... Expensive??? Cheers, Ben
  6. Johnny Hotrod

    Rear door seal

    My rear passenger footwell has turned into a pond! I can see the water is getting in through the seal. Does anyone know whether this is a main dealer only part or if there is somewhere else that would supply it? Just wondering where to start tomorrow! Its a 2003 Leon Cupra. Any help...
  7. cold car inside, possible broken seal?

    Hi guys went out to the car this morning and by gawd it wasnt half cold. I know its been getting colder and condensation is among us but it wasnt as bad last year inside. i was breathing and you could see it as it was soo cold inside. the window on the inside also isnt just condensating there is...
  8. cupra_jobe

    actuator seal

    i noticed the other the seal on my actuator is split and leaking air..... Question one is this easily replaceable? if so where from also when i boost to about 1.6 bar after around 2-3 seconds it drops suddenly to 1.2 could this be because of the leak. or the way it has been mapped and i...
  9. adam kelly

    wind problem maybe door seal

    when doin about 60 to 70 mph im getting alot of wind comin in from the drivers door does any one else have this is it something to do with the door rubber or window rubber help please.
  10. Caliper seal kits

    hi folks looking for some advice i have a 1999 mk2 gti 16v and am looking to refurb my brake calipers front and rear does anyone know if you can get rebuild kits from any where?:help: btw excellent work guys lovin all your projects. keep up the good work :D
  11. gazcuprablk

    crank seal bolt wont come off

    after a few days of my car leaking oil i started to search where its leakin from come to the conclusion that after changing the sump and the plug and gasket for the oil return from turbo seems its coming out of the crank seal belt side and after tryin everythin on the bolt it jus wont come off...
  12. Mr_Dave

    Windscreen seal - Cost/DIY?

    Was giving the car a quick pressure wash earlier, and going over the windscreen.. The passenger side seal started to perish! Pulled off quickly but I now have an ugly part on the seal, so I want to get it replaced! Anyone know how much they are, and if it's easy enough to replace yourself...
  13. light cluster / door seal

    Hi everyone, Purchased my LCR 225 last night and it's fair to say i love it. However i do have a few little things i need to get sorted and could use your help on. - The Rear drivers side light cluster needs replacing, will a light cluster from any mk1 Leon fit? - Also i need to get hold...
  14. kineticz

    Arch liner and door seal

    Anyone know what price I'd be looking at for these? Liner to fit Cupra pre-facelift bumper and seal for rear door. Nice one
  15. Adz87

    Door seal problem

    From the title most of you will be think, "just use the search button" and by now looking up the DIY thread to post the link. well i have a problem along the lines of the DIY thread. Basically. the previous own has done that to the car to stop it from leaking. but he hasn't done a great job...
  16. R@B

    water coming in through doors but its not the seal

    Hi there, firstly would like to say hello to everyone. This is my first time posting although i have looked through the forum a few times.I proudly own a 54 leon cupra. I have been searching for the infamous water coming in through the doors. Everyone keeps referring to the door seal but thats...
  17. Throttle Body Seal????

    Hi I have a 1998 Mk2 Seat ibiza cupra sport which I just bought a new throttle body for because there was acceleration lag. Just come back from the garage who fitted it and it its idling all over the place, they said I need a new throttle body seal, until then I'm left with a car that's...
  18. removing moss from window seal

    ive got an ibiza fr tdi, it was a SEAT UK car before me and i assume it had been left standing for a long time as it was 7 months old with 2k miles on, i think it must have been left under/by trees, as ive noticed that the seal on the front windows (bottom on both) are covered in moss, not the...
  19. Anyone recommend a good seal for refurb wheels?

    i have nearly finished paintin my wheels gloss black but i not to sure if they will hold up once on the motor. Each wheel has three coats of paint and four coats of lacquer. Is there any type of seal that i could buy that would provide both a hardened seal but also extra shine to the gloss finish.
  20. mitch2028

    Removing bonnet seal?

    Right ive searched the forum high and low and cant find any info on this apart from for a leon. The seal that sits between the scuttle and bonnet, i read that removed can improve cooling in the 'bay' can also improve the amount of noise you hear from your dv. Has anyone done this...
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