1. Andybon

    Lowering springs Quick question.

    If i was to put lowering springs that fit on a diesel car onto a petrol car, Would there be any differences? Would it not lower as much on the front as i know that diesels are slightly heavier, or would it effect the handling? Also do they use the same type of suspension on the front...
  2. Weitec 30 Springs on a Leon MK1 FR TDI

    Is anyone running the Weitec 30mm Springs - Leon 1M Cupra, 1.9TDi 09/99> with the standard FR shocks? If so any comments? Would this be a wise option for my motor or not? Cheers, Anthony,
  3. binkylad

    lowering springs

    hey, i am finnally getin round to lowering my mk4 1.4 16v, and i was thinkin of maybe dropping her by 50mm, but ive been told if your drop by anymore that 40 then you will need to change the shocks, is there any truth in this?? and how good to do you think it wud look if it was droped 35mm...
  4. Leon FR shocks and springs on my TDI?

    quick question guys, i have a 54 reg Leon TDi with a dodgy front spring i think so need to replace it. in the for sale section there is a bloke selling a whole set of shocks and springs off a 2004 Leon FR so i need to know if they would fit straight on, and are they the same as my ordinary...
  5. H&R springs

    Hello! Just poped over from briskoda forum, im after some H&R lowering springs (20mm) for my mk1 octavia vrs and see your website list these, do you have these in stock, and would i been intitled to any discount since i browse the seatcupra forum alot? Dont ask dont get! :D Cheers.
  6. ktulumike

    Mk2 Leon FR TDi - Ktulumike

    So here she is, 2007 reg. Re mapped, Eibach springs, BBS CH 18" wheels, 12" In Phase sub, Kenwood component door speakers and Kenwood double din head unit(pics to follow)
  7. Pat J

    WEITEC 30mm Lowering Springs

    Can you give me a price for a set of the Weitec 30mm lowering springs for an '04 Leon Cupra 1.9 TDi inc P&P Also can you send these to a different address to mine as I need them to go direct to the garage where they'll be fitted. Cheers Lionel Jennings [B)]
  8. Eibach lowering springs

    Hey Chaps and Chapeses, I have recently purchased an FR tfsi and want to lower it as it sit far too high. from a little home work i think that Eibach springs are the best option. Couple of questions: 1, Are Eibach any good ?? 2, They lower the car by 30mm (is that too low, don't want...
  9. top mounts and springs

    hi ive renewed a couple of suspension parts a few days ago springs,top mounts,and new gaiters.Everything went fine with fitting and the car does seem a lot tighter handling (better than with broken springs anyway) However i now seem to be getting a slight knocking from the front o/s,it happens...
  10. wurzel

    New Shocks / Springs - Advice Needed!

    My Cupra has covered 45K & it sounds like the front shocks/springs are groaning & a bit clunky over bumps. Weighing up the options whether to replace with OEM shocks/springs or whether to get a "sports" suspension kit. The Koni kits seem good value but I want to keep it simple & don't feel...
  11. Front Lowering Springs 60 Mm

    I Lowered My Leon All Round 40 Mm, And It Still Sits High At The Front ( It Is Bedded In) So Any Ideas On Where To Pick Up A Front Set Of 60 Mm, Tryin To Keep The Cost Down :shrug:
  12. cupraRgstar

    life of springs and shocks!

    just a quick question about suspension.... i run a completley standard ovni cupra R and recently had alot of ride problems, so thinking towards springs and shocks, how long roughly is the life of both?
  13. Klang J

    Lowering Springs Advice

    I remeber years ago am sure I read something that if you fit aftermarket lowering springs to standard shocks, you are going to ruin your suspension is some way. Is this true?
  14. F2 Ed

    Coil Springs, mk2 vs mk3

    Will mk3 cupra coil springs fit my mk2?
  15. Bonzy1800

    pic request LCR/CUPRA with koni springs

    does anyone have koni springs fitted to there car LCR or cupra please can you post some pics :D and how does it handle and what is the ride like any pics would be brillaint, cheers
  16. Roelích

    Coilovers or Springs and Dampers? (Q with a difference)

    Hi all. I have the Phil Jackson coilovers. Not fitted at the minute, currently got Spax springs and dampers. The car handles really well, but isn't low enough at the front. What's the handling on the coilovers like do we think? Better or worse? I'll stick with my current set-up in...
  17. Changing your own coil springs. Any Tips!

    Hi Guys My wife reversed off of the drive today and didn't drive any further after hearing a DOING! from the driver's side front. After her knight in shining armour(ie my Dad!) removed the front wheel he found about half a coil (3 inches) sitting in the bottom cup. I have all ready...
  18. RogerW

    Need new shocks, springs aswell?

    One of my rear dampers are broken. I'm thinking of keeping the car original, and want to change both the rear dampers. The car is a 2003 LCR with 85000km. Should I buy new front dampers and all of the springs too?
  19. myseatcupra

    springs and dampers

    my car sit's high at the back and i want to get a set up where its more level as you can see in the pic whats the best spring and shock combo.
  20. KennyPOLO_Gti

    Fitting Springs

    Does anyone know where i can get ma springs fitted around ayrshire/glasgow area? At a fair price!??? Cheers :D
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