1. Cheapest LCR NON Res SS cat back supplier

    I have a 225 Leon, Ive been looking through various sites, Ive seen the Miltek non res for £340 delivered Awesome etc sell for closer to £400 - Is there any issues with just buying the cheaper from a seller on the bay? Presume it will be the same trusting its a genuine sale.. Also is...
  2. Anyone recommend a silcone hose supplier? (other than Forge)

    I'd like to find an alternative supplier to Forge for the upper boost hoses on an LCR, can anyone recommend someone where the pipes fit correctly? Not knocking Forge at all, they have been great with regard to their cutomer service, but I might have to wait up to 2 months to get the...
  3. RaggedLob

    Cheapest Supplier of Green panel filter

    does anyone know of any good cheap suppliers of these? needed for the standard airbox of an Uno Dos (1.2) also (slightly related) I am planning to drill a small selection of holes on one section of the airbox, and then fix (maybe glue) a cold air feed pipe to it... is this a good idea...
  4. TDI Arosa aftermarket ECU supplier???

    As the title says - does anyone know of any companies that supply the units but not at ridiculous SEAT prices???? Ian
  5. Cheapest supplier for F1 GSD's.

    Hello all Can anyone recommend the cheapest place for a pair of F1 GSD's for my Cupra R? Im based in Hertfordshire. The best I have found so far is £111 each plus fitting. Thanks in advance.
  6. supplier for a maf for 02 beeza cupra

    looking for a maf for my cupra and at the mo tight for cash so looking for someone with good prices any info would be well appreciated.
  7. Pabs

    Help regarding supplier of Water pump ASAP

    Hey all Car's due its 60k service next week. I cannot find a source of the metal impellar water pumps at all, my garage is having similar problems and can only source the plastic ones. Can someone point me as to where to get one asap? Local GSF don't do them... Please help Thanks
  8. cupra-c_ya

    exterior door trim, supplier of highly adhesive tape??

    Hi there chaps, one of my door trims (exterior) has come away, im looking to put this back on but need some highly adhesive foam tape so that it does not come off again. can anyone recommend a supplier for adhesive automotive tapes, a right bitch getting all the old foam tape off so dont...
  9. quattroman

    New Brake Pad Supplier

    On looking to find cheaper brake pads for Leon Cupra R I came across the company in the name of Galfer. It so turns out that they are the supplier of 80% of OEM Brembo equiped cars ie,Brembo do not make the pads that are fitted to LCR from new.I can proove this by showing the box thart new...
  10. m0rk

    Supplier of VAG-COM Software & Cable

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